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One Of Governor Rick Perry’s “Eggheads” Ran The Deceitful Sarah Palin Poll

Now I personally have not gotten on board with Rick Perry and or Sarah Palin, I am personally a Herman Cain supporter, and will be unless he gets out or he is voted out though my preference is he wins. Nonetheless, as a TEA Party Conservative, I will not allow Rick Perry or any of the candidates to pull deceitful shenanigans on the other candidates without calling them out on it. It appears that a company by the name of Shaw and Company ran the recent FOX News poll that all but obliterated Sarah Palin and her support within the Republican Party and FOX News has been running it with all of their “eggheads” expounding upon it. I would like to make mention of Shaw and Company because the Shaw in the companies name is one Daron Shaw who happens to be spoken about in a book about Rick Perry called Rick Perry and His Eggheads: Inside the Brainiest Political Operation in America There Will Be Hell To Pay For Lying and Deceitfulness In This Election Season, That Holds The Very Future Of Our Country In Its Hands

While Fox, Ingraham, and Coulter are saying that every living being in the known universe is against Sarah Palin, INCLUDING the Tea Party, a Rasmussen poll released September 3, before Sarah’s speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire, reveals Eighty-four percent (84%) of Tea Party voters prefer Sarah Palin over any other candidate.

Who to believe, an independent pollster, or one with ties to Rick Perry?

As talkers at Fox News are so fond of saying: We report, you decide!

Now if Rick Perry were to win the primary he would have my support 100% however, if it is found that his “eggheads” are manipulating data to create a lie about another conservative he can kiss his chances goodbye, because I and millions of Americans like me have had more then enough of the Democrat dirty tricks and we will not accept it from the right anymore either. I am sure that the politicians on both sides think that this election is like all the others in our history, but as 2010 made clear, We The People have had more then enough of “politics as usual” we are looking for a decent person who loves their Country more then themselves, not a politician who is looking to upgrade their title.

The old days of being silent in the Republican Party just so someone can get elected is over as well, because lets face it, we have suffered horribly as a Country from those who are in it to become part of the Political Class. This is the most important election of my lifetime and I will be damned if just another sleazy politician will be President, this is for all the damn marbles!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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