Vice President Biden joins the Union’s War on America’s citizens


From a union thug, it’s one thing. From an elected “leader”….

Last month, it was Trumka (AFL/CIO) saying the people who attended “Tea Party” events are “…trying to destroy America.”

Next, Jimmy “The Thug” Hoffa, Jr. at a Labor Day rally in Detroit (the city already devastated by union largess) called those same Americans “Sons of Bitches” when it was his turn to speak, and spoke of “going to war” with them. That is to say; us.

Following was President “For All The People” Obama, telling everyone how proud he was of Hoffa, I’m guessing he heard the man speak and approved.

Elsewhere, Joe Biden (who likened people at Tea Party protests to “Terrorists“) speaking before a crowd at a Labor Day picnic in Ohio, called people attending Tea Party rallies “…the Barbarians at the gate.”

Well, the White House won’t say anything about the Hoffa remarks, I assume they agree. Obama feels the same way, I’m pretty sure.

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September 6, 2011 6:50 pm

Yea. Did you notice who was standing behind Biden? The most “radical senator in the country.” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

WAY past time for you to go, Sherrod. Making it my mission in life.