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The Supercommitte Members Are Indebted To Lobbyists

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is correct about a couple of things, 1) that the supercommittee is UN-Constitutional, and 2) that the members will sell out Americans to the highest bidder.  Lo and behold, the Washington Post gives us the goods on these bought and owned Senators and Congressmen, Bend Over America, Here It Comes:

Like many federal contractors, General Electric has a lot riding on the work of a new congressional “supercommittee,” which will help decide whether to impose massive cuts in defense and health-care spending.

But the Connecticut-based conglomerate also has a potential advantage: A number of its lobbyists used to work for members of the committee, and will be able to lobby their former employers to limit the impact of any reductions in the weeks ahead.

Nearly 100 former aides to members of the new budget-cutting supercommittee now work as K Street lobbyists, often representing clients with a vested interest in the panel’s decisions.

GE is hardly alone: Nearly 100 registered lobbyists used to work for members of the supercommittee, now representing defense companies, health-care conglomerates, Wall Street banks and others with a vested interest in the panel’s outcome, according to a Washington Post analysis of disclosure data. Three Democrats and three Republicans on the panel also employ former industry lobbyists on their staffs.

The preponderance of lobbyists adds to the political controversy surrounding the supercommittee, which will begin its work in earnest this week as Congress returns to Washington. The panel has already come under fire from watchdog groups for planning its activities in secret and allowing members to continue fundraising while they negotiate a budget deal.

This is unacceptable, and this is what We The People under the Movement of the Tea Party are fighting agains.  Any of the Congresspeople and/or Senators who are coming up for re-election this cycle need to be primaried and FIRED!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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