Starbucks CEO Joins “No Labels” Group: I Have A Label For Them, Democracy 21

Posted by on September 5, 2011 8:14 am
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Democracy 21 equates to Liberals/Leftists/Marxists. The No Labels crowd have all, each and everyone of them been associated with Democrats and their campaigns, or they have associated themselves with Liberal Republicans and their campaigns. For the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz to intimate that he has not had a voice is hypocrisy. Starbucks has worn their labels on each and every cup of coffee they hand over for $5 to $8 dollars a cup. If you have never bought Starbucks you wouldn’t know this, but their cups have some Zen, liberal, claptrap written on each cup. It All Sounds So Very Fair, Which Means It Is Not

It started last month when Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz called on other CEOs to halt contributions to U.S. political campaigns until the nation’s leaders become financially disciplined and stop their political wrangling.

Now, he said he wants to give a voice to all citizens by holding a national telephone forum on Tuesday, to be hosted by nonpartisan group No Labels.

Now what exactly might Mr., CEO of Starbucks be attempting to pull here? Well when you are working with Democracy 21 and the hardcore leftists who are working behind the scenes there, it just might be that he wants Conservative businessmen to stop donating and not so much leftists like himself You Are No Longer Dealing With Inept And Un-informed Americans Mr. Shultz

Here’s what we know: Schultz is being supported in his effort by Democracy 21 — an Orwellian named group that seeks to limit free speech. Democracy 21 is headed by Fred Wertheimer, who previously led far-left group Common Cause and whose wife is Linda Wertheimer, a host on left-wing radio network NPR. Wertheimer, who provides a quote favorable to Schultz’s endeavor, argued that free speech can be banned before an election — including speech in the form of a book.

This whole project sounds so fantastic, huh? Now that Democrats are out of favor, liberals have decided that it’s time for big donors to boycott political contributions. No doubt the boycott will end once Democrats are back in favor once more.

You little liberals keep plucking away at trying to restore your “vision” of America and We The People will keep calling you out and putting an end to your hypocrisy.

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