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It’s Time To Pony UP! The Campaign Funding Challenge

Labor Day marks the traditional start of the presidential campaign season. Long ago, and in a much better world, that would have started NEXT September. The bosses would have done their thing in the smoke filled rooms of summer, and spared the citizenry the need to focus until the final two months.

But we are where we are. Unified Patriots is an acitivist site promoting constitutional conservatives. This is a multi-pronged endeavor. We must join the information wars, and counter the left-leaning establishment media. Then there is the critial Get Out The Vote work; it is truly amazing how many people of our way of thinking don’t bother to show up at the polls, and who need GOTV ministrations. And there is the precinct committeeman initiative, which aims to shake up the GOP establishment by putting conservative-friendly leaders in at the precinct level.

And, of course, there is the money. Tip O’Neill, Ronald Reagan’s amiable foil as Speaker of The House, noted that money is the mother’s milk of politics- a lesson he learned the hard way in his first encounter with the Kennedys. The management of UP has been noodling about this one for a while. Right now we are not going to ask you for money, or advise you where to send it. But we ask that you TELL us whom you believe is deserving of a little motherly love in this critical area of citizen activism. So we are launching our first “Pony UP” open thread. These threads will provide an information forum for ideas on who deserves whatever financial support we can provide in the rapidly listing Obama economy!

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