Labor Secretary Hilda Solis REALLY doesn’t know Texas has the largest job growth in the US?



Is she this stupid, or intentionally playing that way?

I know it’s popular to assume people like Solis are less sharp than a typical bowling ball, or dumber than a box of rocks, but they don’t get to be where they are by really being stupid. It must be something else…

Remember, as Labor Secretary Solis is normally a shill for unions, whatever else she may pretend to be, she isn’t impartial. At all.

Solis admits to not having done a lot of research into why Texas has created the most jobs. Hello? She’s the Labor Secretary of a nation with unemployment mired at over 9% (and real unemployment at 16%) and she hasn’t been looking into why one of the 57 50 states is doing much better than the national average at job creation? She doesn’t have her department –the Department of Labor, for Pete’s sake– working night and day to find out why Texas can create lots of jobs, while the most recent report has the nation as a whole last month creating zero?

She can’t get on the phone and call Austin? She’s not the least bit curious?

Secretary Solis has been in her job for over two years, and we’ve had a lousy employment picture for longer than that. Just what has she been doing with her time? [Read the rest]

She admits her union bias when speaking to (who else) the DNC.

When asked earlier to comment on the success of Texas in creating jobs, she spoke nothing but negatively;

Solis was asked repeatedly for her thoughts on Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s so-called Texas Miracle, which his boosters say has been a bright spot among dark economic news nationally. Solis said she wouldn’t comment directly on the matter, but she then proceeded to highlight some of the problems with the Texas economy. She referred euphemistically to the state’s “different scales of pay” — some 37 percent of the jobs added last year in Texas paid at or below the minimum wage — as well as to the high injury and fatality rates among workers there.

Can’t say or do anything to make Boss Obama look good, so instead knock everyone else who actually is successful down; typical of small men and their flunkies.

Solis as I said is normally a union shill, but when she weighs Boss Obama against the proletariat, unions lose, too, as Richard Trumka is finding out;

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis on Wednesday rejected criticism from unions that President Obama has not focused on jobs.

Solis said Obama has “absolutely not” been nibbling around the edges in trying to fix the economy and instead had offered bold solutions to create jobs as the economy struggles. She highlighted Obama’s efforts to help the U.S. auto industry.

The Labor secretary was responding to criticism from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who last week said Obama has not offered bold enough solutions to fix the economy and has been distracted by Republican demands to bring down the national deficit.

In other words – “Shut up, Trumka, he’ll get to you when he gets to you. Take a number.”

So, is Solis stupid?

No, she knows who “signs her paycheck”, and that’s Boss Hog Obama. She’s his shill. Bought and paid for.

And Hilda Solis looks forward to next Thursday, as Boss Hog gives his big speech, she’s sure blaming it on Congressional “spats” will do the trick yet again, and “bi-partisanship” (GOP caving core beliefs to the leftist Democrats) will win out in the end;

 “Next Thursday, President Obama will outline a bipartisan plan to create jobs and generate growth that pulls the best ideas from both political parties. If Congress is serious about job creation, the package will pass.” [Speaking on Friday]

“If” Congress is serious, they’ll politely listen to Obama and his speaking in vague generalities that we’ve come to expect, then go out Friday and do the right thing despite Obama; put forward another “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill, and this time throw in some language to (somewhat) tame the ridiculous EPA regulations that are holding America back.

UPDATE via Moonbattery;

You could fill a library with what Labor Secretary Hilda Solis — an apparentcommunist who has conspired with foreign governments against America — doesn’t know about Texas.

No kidding, I’d forgotten about that Communist tie-in. The crap stuck to the wall these days has piled so deep it’s hard to see through it all to the bottom of the pile.

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September 4, 2011 11:47 pm

Texas is Galt’s Gulch.

September 5, 2011 1:00 am

Texas jobs suck on the counta they make the One look like what he is…a job killing, top down statist.

September 5, 2011 8:38 am

This is disturbing to say the least…do you catch the tone in her voice, the between-the-lines..Texas is really not part of the US, it’s like a Switzerland or Kenya floating around out there…whatever is happening there is not directly relevant to Obama’s America. Subtle self brainwashing, kind of like what the East Germans did to their kids for 40 years to explain away some good things that were visibly happening in West Germany a few miles away.