Left Wing Media Campaign Coverage Magnetic Playbook


Democrat Magnetic Playbook

Calling all [non biased, of course] Left Wing Media personnel! There is a front runner in the Republican bid for 2012. Get out your liberal playbooks! If you’ve misplaced your playbook, there is now an easier way to come up with your headlines… Introducing the 2012 Magnetic Democrat Playbook. Now you can create your headlines with the greatest of ease.

Need to tell everyone how DUMB the latest Republican frontrunner is…(yawn)… no problem, just rearrange the magnets!

Need to tell everyone how RACIST the latest Republican frontrunner is… (yawn)… no problem, just rearrange the magnets!

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September 2, 2011 9:07 pm

One thing you can say about the MSM, Democrats, their assorted stooges and sycophants is their tune never changes.

It’s a melange of innuendo, bias, calumnies, half-truths, and the ever present bits of gossip following the line of “Did you hear what he did with that (insert here- goat, under aged person of indeterminate gender, vinyl blowup doll)” whispered behind the
hand in confidence.

Totally lacking in any real creativity. Tired, inept retreads of days gone by.

September 2, 2011 9:25 pm

I don’t know if they realize, when they think they are being so hip by saying ‘the latest thing’ that we are not hearing it from just them, but on every channel and in every column by each and every one of them, so that they come of as nothing more than ‘Valley Girls’. The sad part is when people like Peggy Noonan decide they want to be ‘Valley Girls’, too.