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The Left Co-opted America: We The People Will Be Taking It Back

Great writeup on how the left after recognizing they were never going to win by blowing up the Pentagon and the police departments decided to take over the schools and raise up a generation of socialists/communists/Marxists. They have most definitely succeeded and yet their failure has been in neglecting to co-opt the masses. In each and every home in America, when the hippies walked in the door and sat down to dinner with their parents and grandparents they were fed a diet of Americanism. It was subtle, a Memorial Day parade here a Christmas play there and somehow, someway when America was attacked on September 11th, 2001 an awakening inside occurred. There were people like me, a Democrat, who never voted for any other Party and wouldn’t have given it a second thought until the next day.

There are others, they have shown themselves in the TEA Party Movement. They silently watched as a full takeover happened in 2008 and then it hit them, these radicals are not Americans, they don’t love America more then themselves, these are American-hating radicals and they said enough. The left felt they had finally become mainstream when Barack Hussein Obama and the Faculty Lounge Administration took office with a full compliment of Marxist Democrats, why even Newsweek said we were all Socialists now. You can pin the collective roar of America saying hell no and the rise of the TEA Party to that moment. All of those family dinners and holidays had left a little faint glow of love for America in each and every heart. Never Give Up Hope That Americans Love Their Country More Then Themselves

Back in 1969, the Committee on Internal Security (in the House of Representatives) issued a report on “SDS Plans for America’s High Schools.” It was readily apparent to the congressmen who signed this report that America faced a severe challenge from the young revolutionaries who publicly proclaimed themselves to be Students for a Democratic Society, but privately vowed to transform America into a socialist utopia:

“Basic to SDS is the idea that contemporary American society is corrupt, evil and oppressive — and must be destroyed. To reform it, they insist, to change it for the better, is impossible. SDS says our Nation’s system of government and traditional values must be destroyed.”

Therefore, according to the House committee report, the immediate goal of SDS back in 1969 was “to wreck our educational system,” and said that “the high schools in the United States are clearly targeted by the radical left, and particularly SDS for ‘activism.’”

The report went on to note that, “Many of the SDS leaders have publicly declared themselves to be revolutionaries dedicated to the Marxist-Leninist ideology. For example, Mark Rudd, William Ayers, and Jeffrey Carl (Jeff) Jones, leading national officers of the SDS, publicly identified themselves as revolutionary communists during a televised interview over station WJW-TV in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 30, 1969.”

Ayers, of couse, is of especial interest these days because he is a reputed friend of President Obama, but we should be more interested in him because of his long and respected career as a professor of education. How, after all, does society tolerate as a teacher someone who wrote this about the typical high school student: “Imperialism oppresses him by jailing him [in school] and the only thing to do is break out and tear up the jail [school].”

That is just one of many inflammatory statements about education in the SDS manifesto known as “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows,” which Ayers co-authored. Moreover, SDS publicly declared its intention to foment militant resistance to school authority as a “means to overthrow [the] system” (as stated in the “high school resolution” passed at the SDS National Council meeting in Boulder, Colo., in 1968). So it is easy to see why Congress was concerned about SDS back in 1969.

But the congressional report didn’t quite get it right. The real threat of SDS to high schools had nothing to do with violence. Yes, there were isolated incidents on high school campuses, but for the most part militancy never took hold the way it did on college campuses in the 1960s. Nonetheless, SDS’s intention of radicalizing the nation’s high schools was a real and long-term threat.

That’s because the SDS strategy for America’s schools was two-fold from the beginning. More important than violent demonstrations was the plan to indoctrinate students to believe that America was a “sick” society that exploited workers at home and abroad. They did so, at first, with teach-ins and revolutionary propaganda. But later, they discovered it was much more effective to change the way students thought by changing the way they are taught. That meant working from within the system, and explains why Bill Ayers pursued his career as an instructor of teachers. It also helps to explain why much of the curricula in high schools today resembles a self-criticism session reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

But what it doesn’t explain is why America has accepted Ayers and other revolutionaries as respected leaders of our country instead of self-avowed traitors who should hang their heads in shame.

There is no doubt that Americans as a whole slept through this leftist revolution, their mistake was in truly believing that they had won the war with the elections of 2006-2008. The Democrats lie so much that when they were talking fiscal conservatism in those elections, they forgot they had said it and they thought Americans didn’t believe them anyway, they were so very wrong. The media wing of the Democrat Party was able to help them to move along into office but when the spending spree started even they were not able to hide the damage that was being done in the name of Marxism to the Country. The damage is done, the Country is not going back to a bunch of radicalized Democrats, no sir, this Country is moving forward and Conservatively.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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