More hatches battened against Obama than hurricanes


Hurricane Irene’s joke on Chicken Little and the President’s new jobs plan

Except for a ground level big black Canadian bus manufactures celebration through white bitter clinger flyover country, President Barack Obama’s best jobs strategy-to-date may well have been his vacation with Irene on Martha’s Vineyard.

Apparently the only jobs lost were those under contract for the weekend series in Flushing between the Braves and the Mets. No word yet from Rev. Al Sharpton on whether President Obama and Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t impose forced busing from Harlem to higher Hastings-on-the-Hudson ground because they don’t care about black people, but I digress.

I suppose that this disappointed Braves-Gamecock roosted on the dry ground of Stone Mountain of Georgia (and most of the rest of the record 36% of American males  without needed gainful employment) should be happy that the President’s vacation is a working one, after which his administration will unveil a “very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control the deficit.”

There is much life to be lived between now and Obama’s expected return to his autobiographical duties after Inauguration Day, 2013 and there is always reason to hope for improvement. After all, Barack recently scored a 37 after ten full frames of bowling. In 2008, he quit after only 7 frames.

So maybe the President has learned something about the economy from Irene’s visit to the Bay State, if not the last 2.5 years of failure:

“With Hurricane Irene threatening a full-force hit,” The New York Times tells us this morning, “New York City on Thursday ordered the evacuation of nursing homes and senior centers in low-lying areas and made plans for the possible shutdown of the entire transit system.”

Prudent behavior this, and as I argued on Stuart Varney’s Fox Business program yesterday, the East Coast is reacting to the approach of Irene as the private sector has to the full fury of Obamanomics.  Both are battening down the hatches and boarding up the windows.  Capital, like the tourists, is fleeing.  Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the NLRB, the EPA, the endless demands for higher taxes are causing employers to hunker down.

Perhaps as we pray for the storm to pass without loss of life or serious damage, we can add a small one that the president might wake up to the effects of his storm of regulation and taxes. – Hugh Hewitt

Saying Yes

We would like to be able to say yes to the President’s latest “focus” on jobs, but a quick perusal of his expected proposals makes us suspect that he still favors liberal “reform” over a recovery sentient beings would recognize as such:

Temporary extension of the 2% payroll tax cut;

Passage of free-trade agreements;

Creation of a $10 billion Infrastructure bank;

Patent reform; and

“Balanced” budget deficit reduction

Yes, we Republicans and conservatives love tax cuts. We like to keep more of the fruits of our labor. Many happiness pursuits require funding. But why must tax cuts under Democrats always be temporary while any and all spending programs must walk the Earth forever like blood-sucking vampires?

Even during the Dark Ages of the Bush years when America suffered under 4-5% unemployment, Senate Democrat filibusters and the threat of same insisted that anyone who dared take the risk to create a job would have to do so with no certainty of the level of taxation beyond a few years. Obama and his party seem intent on institutionalizing temp jobs for all except union members.

But yes, by all means, extend the payroll tax cut. Maybe the savings could fund an occasional meal with Le Seuer peas on the side instead of the usual generics. Besides, the debt ceiling debate showed Obama unwilling to write social security checks even with cash on hand and who thinks those IOUs in the non-lock box will be more worthy of honor than Federal Reserve notes after Obama?

And yes, lets finally end Democrat discrimination against trade with freedom-loving nations while Hugo Chavez is too sick to force books on Obama and unions are licking their wounds from Wisconsin badgerings, even if the bill extends jobless benefits through Trade Adjustment Assistance.

Yes, we wanted massive shovel-ready infrastructure spending as part of a stimulus since the Less-than-8%-unemployment-early-Obama-Biden Administration-salad days of 2009. But of course, that would have required bold executive action to waive job killing “reform” regulations that justify those previously-mentioned permanent government jobs Obama and the Democrats care most about. You know, the ones that automatically deduct union dues on their way to Democrat campaign coffers.

Instead, we got an un-stimulating GovernmentGrowthulus bill that funded state government union dues-money laundering for two years and a permanent addition to the “baseline” federal budget. The easier it is to pretend to “cut spending” with arithmetic cognitive dissonance. The only infrastructure we got were green signs that recovered rust through two Biden-summers.

So now, does Obama finally want to build something or re-pave something so that there might be something of a legacy when he retires to amend Dreams from his Father and the Audacity of Hope? After all, even Jimmy Carter had Camp David.

The answer is no, unless by building one means that the union kickback known as the “Infrastructure Bank” will be built from the ground up, and then only after enough red tape is shoveled through to cover Red China.

Obama v Lovitz, patently offensive

Finally, patent reform. Oh, I know Obama also proposes a “balanced approach to deficit reduction”. Strange how Democrats like to continually re-name “tax hikes during recessions”. One might think they were the Los Angeles  Angels of Anaheim.

Patent reform. Seriously, the jobs bill labored over between Vineyard perusings includes patent reform? And then only if We the People agree to continue to forgo being allowed to bail ourselves out as we lavish banks with more exceptions and waivers (Section 18) from the suffering of the commonweal? Wasn’t Christmas 2008 TARP and 2009 TARP II New Year enough? What about Ben Bernanke’s years-around Christmas pay-offs off the books?

Such patent reform is patently offensive, as has been Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency.

But by all means, yes fellow conservatives and Republicans, let us say yes to what we can. The suffering across the Fruited Plain is real and much worse than any hurricane-caused suffering along the East Coast; and every little bit helps.

Before the Bus Tour and vacation with Martha, Michelle and Irene; President Obama blamed the ongoing unemployment disaster that defines his presidency, variously, on earthquakes, The Tsu-nami (subject of slander lawsuit vs Obama-nami), Bushes, etc.

So let’s let him have his little jobs bill. It might help a little and might keep Jon Lovitz as prevaricator king. Lovitz is funny, after all. Obama is just a, well, prissy 37-average bowler. And isn’t Citizen-of-the-World who lowered the oceans and ended man-made global warming enough of a legacy?

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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A trial lawyer for two decades in South Carolina; owner of Ati Vista LLC since 2002 now associated with Lupa Law Firm; VP & Counsel for Buddy Allen Roofing & Construction Inc. since 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia; and a freelance writer, DeVine was the conservative voice of the Charlotte Observer from 2006-8 and has been the owner of since 2009.

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August 28, 2011 6:43 pm

Folks I’ll just say it. If 1/3 of American men who want to work can’t find a job, it means we’re in a depression. They can call it anything else they want. If this is not remediated fast, the societal impacts will be too terrible to contemplate. The LibDems have been at war with the middle class traditional valued male for 35 years and they have just about got him where they want him – ejected out of that middle class. Along with his natural ally in this economic/cultural warfare, the single parent mom with kids. The single women, unemployed… Read more »

August 29, 2011 8:41 am

I;ll stick my neck out on this. I think Romney because of his background & experience could do it. I think Perry because of his personality could do it. There are a few others, but they are not going to be the party’s nominee or they are not running.