Quitters 4: The Republican circular firing squad


Last time we talked about how life beats people down, especially when things are tough, and how that makes conservatives quit.

[also see Quitters Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3]

Now to the Republican circular firing squad…

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich and John Huntsman and even Sarah Palin all get along collegially. I have little doubt that most of them would be happy to hire the others into their Presidential staff or other high positions of government should they win the office. They are all very capable, charismatic, driven people who have proved themselves in the forge of public opinion.

So why do they and their supporters spend so much time slamming each other? We don’t see Democrats do this to each other, unless it’s the male candidates beating up on Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat media complex does its best to try to trap Republican candidates into insulting each other. They set up spats and fights in the same way the producers of the Jerry Springer Show encouraged guests to brawl on the set. They may not get them drunk, but look at the way debate hosts mischaracterize positions and use “he said” “she said” allegations to set Republican candidates at each others’ throats.

By the way, were you aware that Jerry Springer was the former Democrat mayor of Cincinnati before he became a television news anchor and then talk show host? One of the most obscured facts of TV is that almost every TV news anchor was a Democrat politician or worked in Democrat politics before being hired to report “impartially” on the news of the day.

And Republicans fall for it. They smack each other around happily, thinking they are demonstrating their strength and the fire in their belly by complying with Democrat demands to savage each other. The only thing is this does not really work. Being leaders, they are role models for people who identify with them. And because they play along with the Democrat media complex in interviews and debates, Republican candidates set a bad example for conservatives and Republicans everywhere.

A good example of what happens at lower levels of the party happened this week when Erick Erickson of RedState and CNN accused Jamie Radtke of being drunk when she gave a speech at the RedState convention. There is no good reason for Erickson to have accused her of drunkenness, or for him to slam her for her poor speechifying, especially since he didn’t see her speech himself and had already endorsed her run for Senate in Virginia. Now the lawsuits have been threatened, and it’s only a matter of time before papers are filed. Some bloggers and tweeps have taken Erickson’s side in this mess, but many more are looking on with horror at what appears to be a slow motion train wreck. Both sides are conservative and have the same principles and values. Why are they at war with each other? Onlookers will come away with lowered respect for Erickson, perhaps also for Radtke though she appears to be the wronged party, and less reason to respect or emulate either one. That’s the definition of discouraging. Some conservatives will quit over this.

When conservative leaders fight with each other, this discourages rank and file conservatives. When the discouragement becomes great enough they quit.

Rank and file conservatives need to be encouraged, not discouraged. This really requires (1) accurate identification of the enemy, and (2) that conservatives do not follow politically correct rules of conduct or use left/Marxist/Democrat definitions for acts and situations found in politics.

1.) Identify the real enemy

Every Republican and conservative voter realizes that our country has gone a long way down the wrong tracks. This train needs to be re-routed now before it plummets over the cliff we can see ahead. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Conservatives know that the enemy is not other conservatives and Republicans who agree that the course set by the last hundred years of government will drive the nation over a precipice. The enemy is the same progressives, mostly Democrats, who have created a hundred years of bureaucratic regulations with the force of law that strangle American ingenuity and businesses like anacondas in the cribs where American small businesses grow. Will any small businesses survive to become large American businesses? It’s not likely with the regulations currently in place, let alone the bureaucratic implementation of Cap and Trade currently in the EPA’s plans. The political enemy are out there. But they are not Republicans or conservatives.

The political enemy are those who want to change America from what it is to a European style socialist welfare state. They want to do this as European socialist welfare states are collapsing all across the EU. The political enemy are those who would replace the free market with a centrally planned economy. They learned nothing from the collapse of the USSR or China’s jettisoning of full communism for fascist-style crony-capitalism and an expanded commercial marketplace. The enemy are those who hate American soldiers and will never allow them to receive the surrender of our enemies, requiring US forces to quit before we win. Even when the American President encourages our allies to rise up against our enemies, as in the Bay of Pigs and the Shi’ite Uprising against  Saddam Hussein, the political enemy exerts itself to prevent our forces from supporting them in their hour of need. The enemy are those who want to change America from a country of winners to a country of quitters, losers, and those who never tried.

2.) Don’t buy into the Democrat media complex and its terms…

Why do Republicans and conservatives fight each other when there is such an obvious enemy in plain sight?

Why? Because it’s easy.

It’s an Orwellian setup by the Democrat media complex.

Remember “Gate.”

Attacks on Republicans are even hidden in our everyday language. Have you noticed how al Qaeda is described by the Democrat media complex as a “conservative Muslim organization”? And yet al Qaeda doesn’t favor individual freedom, free markets, the rule of law, the US Constitution, or anything else that tea partiers and other American conservatives believe. And another thing, why was Saddam Hussein’s private army called the Republican Guard?

In addition to these examples of Orwellian language, political correctness prevents logical thinking. Think about it for a second. Politically correct means, quite literally, “false but we pretend it’s true for political reasons.” The political reasons behind political correctness are not conservative ones. They are leftist/Marxist/Democrat reasons. A person simply cannot be logical or truthful while following any form of “politically correct” ethics. When you act as if what is false is true, then you will do what is wrong instead of what is right. Conservatives need to follow principles and values we know to be eternally true and reject the left’s relativistic morality of convenience.

And multiculturalism is just as bad. Multiculturalism used to be called balkanization, and was widely understood as bad. We seek some form of unity, some bond in order to invigorate and strengthen our nation. At a minimum we need to all follow the same Law, some Law that treats us all equally from the bottom social stratum to the top. But multiculturalism guarantees that there will be completely separate cultures that do not believe in the same ways, the same ethics, the same laws, or even the same language. And being totally alien to other cultures, these alien cultures will naturally be in conflict with them. Whose ways and laws will take precedence? That’s a prescription for a struggle with a likelihood of open war. So multiculturalism guarantees conflict between different groups, when what we need is to understand and cooperate with each other. Conservatives should not pander to multicultural demands. They are justified by “politically correct” thinking, which means wrong thinking, and doing the wrong thing is not the conservative way.

All this is why we attack each other. Conservatives have petty little differences that don’t matter. But political correctness sets us at odds just as the Democrat media complex constantly probes Republicans for weaknesses, creating divisions and disagreements where there should be none.  And we play along, because we conservatives are team players and try to be kind and agreeable with everyone.

The problem is that the Democrat media complex is the enemy. It is the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. It’s where Democrat politicians like Bill Moyers, Chris Matthews, Elliot Spitzer and George Stephanopoulos go to become consiglieres and party leaders. The US media is about 90% composed of registered Democrats. It is not a representative group. It is a far left group, and its goal, politically speaking, is to move the center of American political opinion to the left. Make no mistake, the left they are aiming at is a full fledged European style socialism.

Republicans and conservatives need to resist the Democrat media complex and the political correctness and multiculturalism that define their worldview. We cannot let them set the terms of our communications with each other or with the people of the United States. We cannot allow ourselves to be moved by the media when the noise machine starts clamoring for whatever it is for which it clamors. The purpose of the clamor is to confuse us and confuse the 70% of Americans who agree with conservatives.

Just stop believing in the media, conservatives, as you have stopped believing in fairies, the Easter Bunny, and Santa.

Every time a journalist packs up his things, an angel gets her wings.
@jtlol from memory

[to be continued]

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August 27, 2011 8:09 am

Yet another barfight at the RS Saloon. Should have warned ’em about the 150 proof tequila the bartender is serving up over there.

August 27, 2011 8:19 am

Great series, Beagle. One of the best things a political site can do is edify. Teach. And your 4-parter here will be mulled over, and should be repeated every so often. The problem with the conservative blogsophere, much more than the Left, who actually do get marching orders, is to consider themselves generals in an army of one. They have vision that is exclusively theirs, a broad strategy and should they get big enough, even a battlefield strategy that is also theirs only. Most are not team players, and driven by the intemperance of youth and inexperience, and personal vanity,… Read more »

Mike gamecock DeVine
August 27, 2011 8:25 pm

Bravo on the series and I especially liked part one when you identified the progressive movement as part of what ruined the GOP. The Dems took that progressive puppy and turned venal. We turned soft.

E Pluribus Unum
August 28, 2011 5:14 pm

Case in point – in the latest FNC-hosted GOP debate, lefty commie jackass Chris Wallace deliberately framed Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann into a cage death match that made neither of them look especially good, and did not deliver a single ounce of useful content to the debate. Just about every time I think of Chris Wallace, I want to punch him in the mouth. After that debate I finally came to understand how worthless Fox News is. It is not even remotely a venue that works to the betterment of conservatives or the conservative cause. Much to the contrary,… Read more »