Journolists: While Genuflecting Find…..Lint In Each Others Belly Buttons

Posted by on August 26, 2011 6:08 am
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If they were intelligent human beings they would have found bias, but alas, as is their ignorance, they found only lint in each others belly buttons. Americans have been telling them for years, many, many years, that they don’t trust them. They have told them in poll, after poll, why they don’t trust them and yet, when push comes to shove and an opportunity arises to actually make real and definable change, they whistle past the graveyard and go on their progressive way. It occurs to me that actual progressivism can be, and ought to be a real mental disorder. For the Media Wing of the Democrat Party, in the guise of true journalism, ie: ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,CNN,NYT’s,WAPO, time and again are so blinded by their ideologies that they are indeed manic.

I think when the Republicans win back the whole shebang in November of 2012 (in spite of the media wing) they ought to write a small bill for actual mental health treatment for those in the progressive media, trust me, they are going to need it. The two times since the 80s when the Republicans actually had the whole shebang, was in spite of the media, not with the truth from them. It has taken severe and harmful pain to the American public for them to go against what they were told to do by the “lamestream” media in elections and the pain is rising and next year will be the lessening of that pain. I Was Surprised That Any One Cared That People Got Laid Off At Slate

The incestuous world of D.C./New York journalism is in shock. Slate, the redundant liberal website owned by The Washington Post, has laid off four writers. This comes after The Post announced another disastrous quarter, with a 13 percent loss in online revenues.

There has been widespread howling in the media about the layoffs; journalists are particularly lathered at the dismissal of Jack Shafer, the liberal media critic for Slate. But Shafer is an example of why The Post is flailing. The media simply will not confront the fact that liberal bias has affected their business. They would rather die than change.

In 2010, Newsmax, a conservative outlet, reported revenues in excess of $50 million. The Wall Street Journal, with its conservative editorial page, is one of the few newspapers treading water. The Daily Caller, which leans right but is open to anything that is interesting and entertaining, exceeded all of its traffic expectations after its launch almost two years ago. Do I need to mention Fox News?

But, bien sur, this has absolutely nothing to do with the collapse of the mainstream media. Supporters of Slate and Jack Shafer have been blogging about the outrage over his dismissal, and they all circle back to Shafer’s supposed “fearlessness.” The American Journalism Review used the term in its headline. Erik Wemple, formerly the editor of the failed and now at The Washington Post (how do these people keep failing upwards?), genuflected before Shafer, noting that Shafer is “a favorite of anyone who values original, uncorrupted thinking on how journalists and news outlets operate.” Wemple, like Shafer, is a former editor of The Washington City Paper, as is New York Times writer David Carr, who also praised Shafer. (These guys — and many of their wives, who are also journalists at liberal publications — all know each other; reading their tweets is like listening in on a high school party line).

Shafer, like the rest of Slate’s editors, is too biased to hire conservatives. On a matter that would have required genuine courage, Shafer had none.

I never hit a link to Slate, I knew early on in the internet world what a Slate was, a leftist paradise, a place to demean and mock Republicans period. I do not go to sites that cannot even be an honest broker of the world around them and all of the above mentioned “news” stations and papers cannot seem to be honest, when discussing or interviewing Conservatives. You see, the Media Wing of the Democrat Party has found Republicans they approve of, but those Republicans are not Conservative, they are liberals who like a tax cut. We used to call them Rockefeller Republicans, we now just send them packing to the Democrat Party.

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