Quitters 2: How Democrats discourage conservative voters

The Democrat media complex in action

Let us talk about quitters. As Vassar Bushmills pointed out in his Ship of Fools post, there are many ways to make conservative voters stay home on Election Day, and not all of them are used by Democrats. Some of them are purely accidental, environmental, the results of changes and unexpected turns in life. And others are the province of Republicans more focused on their favorite candidate than the overall goal.

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Democrats first though…

We can’t stop Democrats from trying to discourage conservative and Republican voters. That’s what they must do. It is their strategic requirement. You can tell they do it because they spend so much time complaining about Republican politicians discouraging “their” voters. Everybody assumes that others have the same motives and ethics they have, even if facts don’t bear it out. Fact is, it isn’t the grainy Willie Horton attack ad from 1988 that drives insulted progressives to stay home today, tomorrow, or next year, but the unending vituperation by Chris Matthews and other supposedly sober, neutral commenters in the media that convinces conservative and independent voters that all conservative politicians are smarmy, phony, players in the smoky backroom deals that are DC’s modus operandi. The problem is not Willie Horton. That is old news. The problem is unanswered, baseless allegations like Matthews’ slander that underneath the power suits Rick Perry is just another racist Bull Connor with a smile.

By the way, Chris, Bull Connor was a Democrat, as were almost all members of the KKK, who chased all the Republicans out of the South after Reconstruction.

The Democrat media complex in action

If you are still reading after that you are probably conservative yourself. We all know the crimes against truth committed by Democrats and their allies in the Democrat media complex, mainstream media, dinosaur media, lamestream media, Pravda media, or any of thousands of other snazzy and accurate terms for the mendacious, lying, vanguard-of-the-proletariat, partisan Democrat media. Members of the Democrat media complex all want to publish the next Watergate story, which means the next scandal they can pin on a Republican. They don’t care about Democrat scandals, and will actively cover them up or blame Republicans for them. Why? The media are actively disheartening conservative Americans in order to convince them to quit voting for Republicans.

This is the bottom line. They want conservatives to quit.

Democrats have to discourage voters. 70% of Americans are conservative, agreeing generally that the government is too big and needs to stop spending so much, regulating so much, and taking so much. If Democrats didn’t fool or discourage the majority of voters then they would always lose. If Democrat politicians didn’t lie about their plans they would always lose. If the media didn’t cover-up the failures of Democrat policies then Democrats would always lose. If the media didn’t constantly criticize Republicans and conservatives (while pretending during campaign season that Democrats have conservative positions and beliefs) then Democrats would always lose. The only way that Democrats can survive as a viable political force is to lie and convince conservatives to quit. Their goal is to make quitters of us all.

Did you ever wonder why every scandal gets “Gate” tagged onto the end of it? Even Democrat scandals that actually get reported on have a “Gate” stuck onto their name. Weinergate, Spitzergate, Monicagate and Travelgate had nothing to do with the Watergate hotel, yet they enforce a favorite Democrat assumption that Watergate was the greatest scandal of the last fifty years. And when Democrats even convince Republicans to adopt the “Gate” convention, then that little nagging reminder of a Republican branded scandal gets added to every single repetition of the new scandal. Monicagate couldn’t take down Clinton, in part because every time the latest tawdry details of the scandal came out on TV it reminded voters that the Republicans had the worst scandal of all time.

It’s the ultimate “you did it too” rejoinder, only disguised so it slips into the minds of the populace like a stealth missile. It was very clever of the media to frame Nixon that way, as the author of the worst scandal ever. It wasn’t true, since there were much worse scandals from the same time period including the way that congressional Democrats’ defunding of military assistance to the South Vietnamese government led directly to communist conquest, the killing fields of Cambodia, and the boat people migration from South Vietnam. So, a stupid burglary committed in a comedy of stupid errors in an election that anyone could tell was going to be a landslide win for Nixon over McGovern was judged far more important than the death of millions of brown people.

Why was one the scandal and the other not: Which political party benefited? That’s how you can tell which will become the scandal. If a scandal hurts Republicans then it will be big news. If not, then not so much. Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians dead at the hands of communist revolutionaries were just a sad story blamed on Republicans, even though Democrats started the war, nearly lost the war with their idiotic politically motivated command, demonized the Republican president who won it, and then sabotaged the peace creating a slaughter of millions of brown people. Luckily for Democrats, that may have been the real scandal but it was not the official one. The official scandal was at the Watergate Hotel. The official scandal was a Republican scandal. And the name would live on forever, with “Gate” being the preferred suffix for all scandals for all time.

That’s how we got “Monicagate.”

“Republicans and Democrats are just a bunch of crooks!” Sound familiar? I’ve heard it many times, mostly from self-described conservatives who tell me they won’t vote for Republicans or Democrats. They bought into the Democrat media complex conspiracy to discourage them. They have quit voting for good. Literally.

When enough stop voting for good, then evil wins. That’s where we are today.

[to be continued in part 3]

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August 25, 2011 12:37 pm

Damn Beaglescout! You’ve outdone yourself in only two editions!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

August 25, 2011 1:06 pm

Your ‘Gate’ reference was not only spot on, but a reminder that pop culture and neo-conventional wisdom have replaced traditional standards, professionalism and critical thinking.