Busted Illegals Cut Loose Thanks to ICE

Posted by on August 25, 2011 12:09 am
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So it seems John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued new guidelines for authorities to use in determining which illegal immigrants would face deportation if they are “caught”. Caught seems to be a matter of mostly luck, coincidence and bad driving. The country is so broke Morton feels we just can’t waste resources on certain illegals. Basically, unless the illegal is a really bad guy, he walks. Focus is everything, you know.

This is what it looks like in real life. Watch the video from Pennsylvania:

Blame the tea party folks. Everybody else does. If they hadn’t fired all of Obama’s Democrat helpers last November, congress would have already passed a new amnesty for illegals. The folks in the video wouldn’t be an issue, but then thanks to the new rules, they aren’t an issue anyway. They walked away free as birds. If you get to Pennsylvania you might get to rub elbows with these savory law breakers.

There’s an election just around the corner. The Lawbreaker in Chief, Barak Hussein Obama, is really on the outs with voters right now. No matter, he creates the voters he needs. Look, a new batch crossing the border:

The 14 folks in the video have hit the jackpot. Their dream has come true. Welcome to the land of milk and honey, while it lasts.

Since we won’t try to send any these new Obama recruits home why don’t we just go all the way and make it really easy and safe for them to crowd Americans out of jobs. John Hayward writing for Human events:
Wouldn’t it be better to send taxpayer-funded buses into Mexico to pick up every decent soul who wants to enter the United States, after a background check and a brisk TSA pat-down, while simultaneously deploying military forces to wipe out anyone who still tries to sneak across the border? You will be paying for DBS background check since there are so many people coming over. A lot of people die from violence, dehydration, and other causes while creeping through the border region. They also make an unholy mess of the property they pass through, and periodically assault land owners. We’d be saving money and lives by giving them bus rides. –snip–

This is how Big Government operates: limitless debt to fund its ideological preferences, but turned-out pockets filled with nothing but lint when it comes to carrying out Constitutional obligations that might displease certain useful voting blocs. Money is no object to the desires of the ruling class, but the resources to fulfill their duties are always painfully limited. It’s a long way from Martha’s Vineyard to El Paso.
You know what Hayward wrote above is in the hearts of the open border crowd. I think it is in the heart of most Democrats including Obama. Too bad. Americans are going to break Obama’s heart when they deport him back to Chicago in November, 2012. They made him and they can damn sure have him back.

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