The Liberal Brain: Hooked On Gov-O-Matic


For constitutional conservatives, success in 2012 depends on our ability to explain to the voters the bizarre workings of the liberal brain. Because, you see, they really BELIEVE in Super-Duper Big Government as the solution to all problems. And most of the American people do not.

Most lefties live in the political equivalent of an infomercial. Those of us of a certain age may recall the infamous Veg-O-Matic, the kitchen appliance hawked by TV pitchman Ron Popeil. “IT SLICES, IT DICES!…” The premise of the infomercial is to persuade the audience that this one gadget will plug the gaping hole in your life. Once acquired, all is well and you live happily ever after, slicing, dicing, cubing, marinating, whatever. But at least Mr. Popeil sold real products that rendered real value for money. So a little exaggeration is acceptable.

Alas, the left has been successfully pushing their equivalent, the Gov-O-Matic. It doesn’t just fill a void in your life, it runs your life. Actually, it IS your life. Just feed it with tax money, and it chugs merrily along. And you can’t turn it off, because the Internal Revenue Code guarantees Gov-O-Matic a stream of sales that the conventional TV marketer would die for.

Which brings us to TV and the mass media. Poor Mr. Popeil! He actually had to pay for his infomercials. Gov-O-Matic gets them free, courtesy of the left-leaning journalistic establishment, which can always be relied on to push Gov-O-Matic in the most glowing terms, and NEVER to investigate its manifest product deficiencies. Value for money? Forget about it! The elite media wants you to pay and obey.

As we enter the 2012 presidential election season, the left’s pitchpeople will be pushing Gov-O-Matic with a vengeance. Caveat emptor, and pay them no heed!

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August 24, 2011 8:44 am

Another thing Gov-O-Matic doesn’t need is Ron Popeil’s classic tag-line. Remember? ‘But wait, don’t touch that checkbook!’ with even greater bargains promised. Our lovely Gov-O-Matic has DIRECT ACCESS to that checkbook! Talk about efficiency!

Here in Illinois, Gov-O-Matic Governor Quinn’s recent tax increases automatically gobbled up over 2 years of our merit pay increases, and we didn’t have to write a check or anything! And as a bonus, we got more job losses than any other state in our Union! Ain’t it great?