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Race Relations In The Age Of Obama

It is quite amazing what 2.5 years of being called racists could have on the public’s opinion on race relations in America. There was so much promise in 2008 for those suffering from “white guilt” that Barack Hussein Obama, who didn’t see (or so he said) a blue America or red America but one America, that having a black man elected President would somehow make things right. Well, first off, it really had to be the right Black man for that to occur and Barack is not that guy. I am sure that Jesse Jackson voiced the concerns of many Blacks when he said, and I quote “acting like he’s white” To Civil Rights Era Blacks, Obama Is Hardly The Promise of course they would think that. It has been said many times over the decades that Blacks who are lighter are easier to employ, both in Hollywood and obviously in politics as well, it is why Jesse felt he was denied a chance at the Presidency. Of course Jesse was denied it because he is a race hustler, he makes a living off of terrifying whites into paying him to not protest their business.

The state of race relations in America, were just fine in 2008, Blacks, Whites, Browns and any other color of the rainbow could come up on the streets paved with gold in America, if you worked hard enough, but the Democrats cannot have you thinking that, oh no, how in the hell will they get elected if they cannot keep up the race baiting? The race card is their biggest weapon, but thanks to Barack, it has been used so frequently that it no longer stings and actually is mocked, even by the left.

Nonetheless, moving on, the sad part of all of that racebaiting for the past 3 years has been that Americans appear to be 10X more divided then they ever were on race. I cannot even tell you the last time I looked at someone or met someone who is Black and thought, they are Black. It never occurs to me, but is always occurs to Democrats. We had come so very far and as the originators of the KKK would no doubt enjoy, we have went so far back. Barack at any time during the past 3 years could have called on his Party to stop the insanity, but alas he did not, because one thing Barack is not, is a leader. A true man of the people would never have allowed almost half of the Country and probably 65% of Country to be called racists, but again, he is not a man of the people. It is heartbreaking what the Democrats have done in real damage to America, but they cannot help themselves, they are pathetic. Gallup On Race Relations

2008 Predictions Were Far Rosier Than Current Perceptions

Just a day after Obama’s election as the nation’s first black president in November 2008, Gallup found the vast majority of Americans, 70%, predicting that race relations would get better as a result of his presidency. Prior to his election, in June-July 2008, 56% of Americans said race relations would get better if Obama were elected. This included 65% of blacks and 54% of whites. Currently, 48% of blacks and 31% of whites say race relations have gotten better under Obama.

Gallup finds even wider differences by party ID, with 46% of Democrats perceiving improvement in race relations, compared with 19% of Republicans. Young adults are a bit more upbeat than those 55 and older about the recent progress made on race relations.

Impact of Barack Obama’s Presidency on U.S. Race Relations, by Race, Party ID, and Age, August 2011

Despite the decline since 2008 and 2009 in the percentage who view Obama’s election as having improved race relations, Americans as a whole are still optimistic that race relations will get better in the years ahead as a result of Obama’s presidency. Fifty-two percent hold this view, while 35% predict no change and 11% say race relations will get worse.

I tell you, I can only dream that a Herman Cain could have been that first Black President, a true leader, a man unafraid to take America in a direction that benefits all. I would have loved for Congressman West to be that first, he recognizes that which the left continues to do to the Black Community. Congressman West voiced what we all have said, that Blacks by voting 90+% for Democrats election after election are on a plantation. They are used and abused and then trotted out every 2-4 years to make their payment for what they perceive they have gotten. If they stopped and thought in that same 90+% of what they are really getting from Democrats, they would flee the Party in droves. It is sad that a divisive man such as Obama will go down in the history books as the first Black President (well if you take pasty white Bill Clinton off that list…lol).

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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