If you will recall, we intervened in Libya as a kinetic military action, a humanitarian gesture, per Mrs Cass Sunstein (Samantha Powers) in order to prevent the slaughter of innocent Libyan civilians, a slaughter which Moammar Khaddafi had promised against his enemies in Libya.

Now that Khaddafi is about to fall to the assemblage of the freedom-loving Libyans he intended to massacre, worries suddenly have gone out from our government that these  freedom-lovers may very well do the same thing.

To calm these jittery nerves, Obama asked that there be no reprisals in his Martha’s Vineyard encyclical over the weekend, and since his words, like Madelaine Albright’s legal view of treaties (see North Korea), are perceived as self-enforcing, some inside the administration feel much better, that “his will be done.”

Many, many realistic people worry this will not be the case.

But how could all this be?

If you will recall, after a quickly buried comment by a Defense Department official early in this kinetic hayride that yes, there were known Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood inside the rebel movement, the administration back-tracked saying “No, just freedom loving Libyans” and presented to the world a united Libyan front; civilized men in business suits, with either no paper trail or sanitized ones, complete with an official name (National Conference of Libyan Opposition), a stage, a microphone and flag hung from the back drapes.

Composed of four groups that sound like Hollywood front organizations during WWII, Libyan League for Human Rights, Libyan Tmazight Congress, National Front for the Salvation of Libya, and Libyan Constitutional Union, what could be better than a new nation being baked up by the Tripoli chapter of the Harvard Faculty Club?

But suddenly, State Department officials are less secure in the identity of these people.  Now, we are told told, almost matter-of-factly, as if everybody has always known it, Al Qaeda has been moving about freely in the Mahgreb for well over two years, AQIM they call themselves.

Suddenly the fate of the freedom-loving people of Libya is a crap shoot.

Suddenly, no one in our government has a clue who will be in charge after Khaddafi falls. Me, I’m betting on whoever has the most guns, plus access to the hundreds of millions in humanitarian aid America will give them. You know, walking around money. A slush fund.

And whoever has the most friends inside the White House.

As if we also already knew this, an unphased media is now telling us there is fear that Libya will turn out just like Egypt, who has been taken over by fascist Islamist forces going by the name of Muslim Brotherhood. Who knew? We didn’t. We thought freedom was just busting out all over in Egypt, too. Now suddenly Egypt is a hot-box of Islamic radicalism and Libya may become just like them, while administration officials are working overtime to redact comments from Obama about how nice and moderate the Muslim Brotherhood is. Tarek Fatah, Canadian liberal, a Marxist who I like anyway, says the Muslim Brotherhood is inside the White House already.

And all Allen West can say is “Nuts”. (the Left’s editorial insightful commentary showcased here intentionally)…which pretty much sums it all up.

Lastly, if you will recall, alongside all the above-mentioned reasons which were never even remotely close to being true, even if Khaddafi still has WMDs (mustard gas and chemical weapons) our crack analysts stated that he most likely had gotten rid of them, and if hadn’t it’s highly unlikely these freedom loving Libyans would ever try to use them even if they could get their hands on them.

Suddenly I’m drawing up mental contingency plans as to how to deal with these non-existent weapons in the hands of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and all sorts of bad boys who aren’t really there. All of a sudden a kinetic khalifate stretching across the Maghreb from Morocco to the Suez begins to form in my mind.

Of course, we’ll never know unless/until they’re used, and that’s where the real politics will come into play…not in preventing their use, mind you, but erasing any fingerprints.

Al Qaeda could extort the EU out of virtually anything without ever having to crack open a single canister. That’s how easily the Euros fold in such situation. Europe could surrender and we’d still never know they had WMD’s.

It will not be so easy for America.

Mind you, this entire situation has been created by the most colossal demonstration of incompetence or lies imaginable.

Then keep in mind also the lengths the Clinton Administration, headed by the current Secretary of State, went to cover up far more simple incompetence in the Travelgate affair.

So, just how will this administration try to cover-up the existence of Libyan WMDs, and their being in the possession of terrorists?

Let me offer a clue:

I suggest you first go to ATF, where a spate of promotions there have moved some key operations officers to Washington expert in clandestine, illicit trafficking. (Have Canister, Will Travel).

Don’t be surprised to see Libyan WMDs in the hands of Mexican drug lords, coming to a theater near you.

Fait accompli, Bush, Perry did it.


Citizen With Bark On