Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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It Is Indeed UN-Patriotic To Add 4 Trillion Dollars In Debt To America

When Barack was just a Senator from the disgustingly pathetic State of Illinois, with all their criminals in political positions, he said of then President Bush, that is was UN-patriotic to add 4 trillion dollars in debt to future generations of Americans. He was right then and he is guilty of it now. It wasn’t enough to beat up on Bush for spending like a liberal, oh no, this man Obama used all the right words to make himself appear to be a fiscal conservative and the media helped him. He not only spent like a liberal in 2.5 years, he has spent like a King for those years. President Bush made me a very un-happy American with his “compassionate” conservative spending and I yelled and screamed and called my Senators and Congresspeople, but they liked spending too.

President Bush is now retired, Barack Hussein Obama has done to future generations what only every other President in total had done before him, he spent more then all of them put together in less then three years time. The future generations, children not yet born will be paying for the baby boomers who wanted the government to fund every little whim they had, future Americans will be slaves to the State to pay for long dead leeches.

Any American who has watched the debacle that is called the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama will have no choice in November of 2012 but to vote to SAVE the United States of America with a vote for a full Republican Senate and House and Presidency.

I will guarantee all that We The People will make those Republicans stop the spending. The Democrats will ignore you and shove more down your throat, but Republicans will listen to We The People as proven by the amnesty bill that Bush “knew” he would get to sign, we didn’t let him, they listened. We were all asleep for a long time but we shall never again be lulled into a sense of safety ever again.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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