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“Fred! Fred! He’s Our Man! If He Can’t Do It ……………..”


Were it not for the strictures imposed upon us by our editors, a large majority of the rants we issue forth would probably be overflowing with expletives undeleted.  Some people see the way things are and ask “Why?”  We see things the way they are and say ….. &%(#.   Our blood pressure began to rise perceptibly yesterday as we read the article by our very fine and talented and dogged researcher, commentator and bearer of bad news, Lady Impact Ohio.  For those who have followed her expose’s and news items in this and other forums, you know she determinedly pursues the scandals surrounding our blessed government’s callous and purposeful disregard for this country’s energy needs, even to the point of hounding Congress critters relative to the subject.  She had posted on the The Brazilian Affair before, and this follow up and update only compounded our ire with respect to the  machinations of the unelected cabal of bureaucrats and their presumed Dear Leader working against the interests of the American people.  Especially galling is the fact that these foreign adventures of the Obama Administration fly in the face of the reports (so far uncensored by the Obama regime) of the vast desposits of recoverable energy sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas just waiting to be tapped in the United States, and the new discoveries being made, almost on a monthly basis it seems, by US producers currently hamstrung by regulation, administration disdain and congressional inaction.

And then, just when we couldn’t get any madder at ‘our opponents’ on the other side of the aisle, our attention has to be grabbed while passing by Politico this evening by this infuriating profile of one of ‘our own’ and the trials and tribulations of poor Fred Upton as he bravely takes on the monumental challenge handed him by Speaker Boehner to serve on the “deficit-slashing supercommittee” as the idiots at Politico put it.  Yes, our tongue is jammed against our cheek in re Freddy, and the eighth grade-level JournOlistic drivel of Politico long ago stopped being remarkable.  What irritates us is we were reminded about Fred’s being appointed to this asinine unconstitutional sham of a body with the same flourish and ‘Fred’s our man’ send-off as when he was appointed by Boehner as Chairman of Energy and Commerce in the wake of  THE TEA PARTY handing to Boehner his prized (oh, yes, every bit as much as Nancy prized it, though for arguably more charitable and patriotic reasons) gavel.

Again, for most of you who follow these things, you recall that Upton was a co-sponsor of the famous light bulb ban in a previous Congress, who claimed to have had a change of heart just in time to receive the coveted committee chairmanship because, we were told, he just had so much experience and know-how in these matters and really, like Geithner over at Treasury, he was the only man walking the face of the Earth capable of handling it.

Energy and Commerce.  Energy and Commerce.  Gasoline prices are in the very high $3 per gallon range, food and transportation and commodity prices are spiraling upward and heating and cooling and other energy bills are causing pain and suffering to the American people.  Commerce?  You can find some spotty commerce as people sell their gold heirlooms to be able to buy a shirt and a pair of slacks to put on to go job hunting, but that’s about it.  Energy and Commerce.  And light bulbs.  Yes, the ban is still in effect and good old Fred is waiting to see what some appeals court ruling somewhere is going to be before he can be bothered to move his sorry behind to do anything about it.  But Fred’s got him another feather in his cap with this appointment to the Super Committee.  Why, he was a logical choice, wasn’t he?  Take a look at the mincemeat supposed to be words from the mouth of this vaunted member of our Congressional Leadership Team and Man For the Job on the subject of , oh, gee, let’s pick………taxation, from the Politico piece:

Taxes topped the list. He was vague about the issue, saying he didn’t want to  raise taxes on businesses who are trying to hire, but repeatedly said he  wouldn’t prejudge the work of the committee.

And this:

When asked if he would pay more taxes to help aid in the recovery, he said “We’ll see where the panel comes” and also said “we’ll see, again, that’s going to be part of the debate.”

And this:

“A lot of questions here on taxes, I know,” he said. “It’s difficult to answer these not knowing where the committee is going to be.”  (Fred, answer your phone.  Nancy told you where the committee is going to be.)

He later said in an interview that “raising taxes is not something I’ve ever been a part of.”

That’s just on taxes. Follow the link and read the whole article. Read the part where Fred says he wants part of his Supercommittee work to be setting up a website……yes, a website, where Americans can go and submit ideas on what to do about the deficit. As you’re reading this crap, remember, Fred’s our man. Uh huh.

Read also this:

“My sense is, as our group gets together, we will be looking at all spending in all the different categories and see what we can do to reduce the size of the deficit,” he said.

That is a direct quote. His sense is that “our group” is going to ‘look at spending’ and heck, who knows? maybe see what they can do to reduce the deficit. ??? That’s his ‘sense’, folks.

Return with us now to the State of Brazil, where the Secretary of ENERGY and the Secretary of COMMERCE are engaged with other administration officials, including Lisa Jackson, of EPA fame, whom it is rumored Fred has been trying to get a date with his entire congressional career, (not really, but among his many talents, Fred is a friend to The Environment, don’t you just know?) in selling the American energy industry, the American economy and the American people down the river. And what is the Chairman of ENERGY and COMMERCE saying about this revoltin’ development? Well, the crickets are so loud up there deep in the bowels of Michigan where Fred is busy campai  attending a conference on …….aging…….that we can’t hear whether he thinks the Brazilian Odyssey is any big shakes or not.  He may not even have a ‘sense’ of it.

Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.


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  1. Mr Upton is a disgrace to the Republican Party he is the TOOL who put the light bulb bill up in a way for it to fail, because he thinks We The People are to stupid to know what a bastard he really is!

  1. Mr Upton is a disgrace to the Republican Party he is the TOOL who put the light bulb bill up in a way for it to fail, because he thinks We The People are to stupid to know what a bastard he really is!

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