Monday, September 27, 2021
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Allen West Calls Obama “Neville Chamberlain on Steroids”

GOP Congressman Alan West, FL-22 was speaking recently on the subject of U.S. national security concerns. West went after presidential candidate Ron Paul’s isolationist attitude toward American national security, especially as it relates to Iran and the Middle East. Colonel West never minces words and so he made it clear that Ron Paul has no business being anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. West, a former Colonel who served in Iraq, sees Iran as a terrorist nation supplying bomb making material that is being used to kill American troops.

In making his point, West made a reference to President Obama. Watch the video, h/t the Shark Tank:

Obama as Neville Chamberlain. That’s going to leave a mark because everywhere Americans look they see America standing down and our enemies emboldened. Appeasement and can-kicking are strategies once again in vogue.

Muqtada al-Sadr is again on the prowl in Iraq, Iran races ahead with its nuclear program and China has launched a new aircraft carrier. Is this the look of peace in OUR time?

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