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The shooting of a Toledo non-union businessman: what you *didn’t* hear

H/t to Pilgrim. Without him knowing I live in Toledo, I never would have known about this story.

By now most of you have probably heard the story of a Toledo, Ohio businessman who was shot in his home last week. Presumably in retaliation for him operating, and continuing to operate, a non-union business. Below is a reminder of what awaited Mr. King outside his home last Wednesday evening:


LaborUnionReport was ironically, or not, given his excellent coverage and knowledge of union business, the first in the country to break the story, NOT Toledo News.

I was born and raised in Toledo and have lived here my entire life so I am familiar with the area, dynamics and the politics of this Democratic, ultra-liberal city which is the home to a Chrysler plant and many other union-controlled businesses.

Much of the auto industry and accompanying suppliers have left the area to move to sunnier shores: GM is gone, Ford is gone, AP Parts is gone, Delphi is gone; just to name a few, leaving much of Toledo looking as decrepit as Detroit.

About the only thing that hasn’t left are the unions. And they have a lot of power and influence here.

John King is the owner of King Electrical Services in Toledo and has kept at horrific expense to himself and his business, a non-union shop. Over the past 40 years his company has endured vandalism and threats and has been on the radar of the IBEW, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Mr. King has maintained over the years a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and his business has received only one complaint in the last 3 years, a billing dispute that was resolved amicably.

King may have his business in Toledo, but he lives just over the Ohio border in the small town of Lambertville, Michigan. I’ve been to Lambertville many times, I have friends there. It’s a humble middle-class town which is on the Toledo-Detroit corridor. Many Toledoans drive to Detroit and its environs every day to work.

Last week Mr. King confronted a trespasser late in the evening after hearing noises in the front yard. He found his SUV vandalized with the word “SCAB” written on the side of it. It wasn’t until after calling the police did he realize he had been shot in the arm. He was treated at the scene and didn’t need further medical attention.

But the gist of this article, is not what you’ve seen, but what you haven’t seen: and that is the almost total lack of coverage of this incident by the media. Yep. After LUR picked it up so did all the blogs, but news stations? Only one that I could find: WTOL-TV in Toledo. And that was not until almost a week later. Link to the video is here. Sorry, it won’t embed for me.

I checked Toledo ABC-WTVG and Toledo NBC-WNWO. Nada. I also checked that ultra-liberal monopolistic newspaper Toledo Blade: nada.

A Bedford-Temperance Michigan small newspaper picked up a small blurb and gave a description of the assailant as a white male, 6 foot tall, medium build in his 20s or 30s. The suspect was last seen wearing a dark colored t-shirt, jeans and a dark colored baseball cap. FYI the towns of Bedford and Temperance are within just a few miles of Lambertville.

The Lambertville News picked up just a sentence, linking the story back to Toledo 11 News. I also checked with one of my friends in Lambertville today who told me she heard the original story from Toledo 11 and has heard nothing since or anywhere else.

Mr. King now has some celebrity, since he was interviewed by Glenn Beck on his radio show.

Although the Monroe County Michigan Sheriff’s Dept is still investigating, if initial visual evidence is correct, this certainly does appear to be a union *hit* as they see their rosy lifestyle slipping away before their eyes.

And if so, they’ve graduated from pushing, shoving and face-punching to attempted murder.

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