12th Senate District – 158 of 166 precincts (95%) reporting
45% – Kim Simac, R
55% – Sen. Jim Holperin, D — Dem winner

[ 8:23PM ] 8 of 166: R44 – D56
[ 8:36PM ] 16 of 166: R44 – D56
[ 8:50PM ] 37 of 166: R48 – D52
[ 9:14PM ] 73 of 166: R46 – D54
[ 9:26PM ] 76 of 166: R46 – D54
[ 9:41PM ] 91 of 166: R46 – D54
[ 9:47PM ] 118 of 166: R47 – D53
[ 9:56PM ] 130 of 166: R46 – D54 – D winner declared
[10:17PM ] 131 of 166: R46 – D54
[11:08PM ] 158 of 166: R45 – D55

22nd Senate District – 100 of 100 precincts (100%) reporting
43% – Jonathan Steitz, R
57% – Sen. Robert Wirch, D — Dem winner

[ 8:23PM ] 6 of 100: R53 – D47
[ 8:36PM ] 13 of 100: R56 – D44
[ 8:50PM ] 17 of 100: R55 – D45
[ 9:09PM ] 18 of 100: R55 – D45
[ 9:26PM ] 78 of 100: R45 – D55 – D winner declared
[ 9:26PM ] 99 of 100: R43 – D57
[10:21PM ] 100 of 100: R42 – D58

UPDATE 8:30PM – first results trickling in, about 5% reporting. Nothing to see yet.
UPDATE 8:40PM – 10% and 13% reporting, starting to take a little shape, although it is still very early. I confess no knowledge of what precincts and areas are blue or red. But so far, both races are bucking the prediction. Winning 22, losing 12.
UPDATE 8:55PM – about 20% reporting and both races tightening up. Don’t forget that Dems, particularly in union areas, like to hold a few precincts back till the end so they can know how many votes to make up at the end. The nationally recognized “margin of cheating”, the MOC, is 5%. If you are ahead by the MOC going into the last 15% of precincts, you may have broken though and won.
UPDATE 9:15PM – the #12 race is almost half reported, and our gal is trailing at 46-54. Not good. The #22 race for some reason is reporting in very slowly, but it has tightened up to 51-49.
UPDATE 9:32PM – and suddenly #22 evaporates, and we seem to have lost it. Crap. Weird how the precincts report in. Still behind in #12, 46-54.
UPDATE 9:47PM – #22 is a big loss, 43-57, much like predicted, even though it looked good in early reporting. #12 has not budged from the 46-54. Since 55% have reported in, this is starting to be very disheartening.
UPDATE 10:00PM – #12 stuck at 46-54 with 78% reporting in. Dem has been declared the winner. Even if that seems a little early, there’s no reason to think anything changes from here out. Crap.
UPDATE 10:45PM – there’s been one precinct reported in the last hour, still 35 out there. Either AP quit updating their results, or the Dems are busy ‘making sure’.
UPDATE 11:15PM – they finally got around to reporting more results. Yes, the Dems win this one in a walk. Bad day, but not bad enough to cry about. Overall, the Dems and the unions failed to do make good on their threats to punish Republicans for voting in the interests of the citizens of Wisconsin rather than feeding the open maw of the unions.

Today’s event in Wisconsin is the kind of thing that does not make headlines, so you might not have known or remembered. Last Tuesday 6 Republican state senators in swing districts faced recall elections, retaliation by the union thugs for passing legislation this spring that liberated teachers and school districts in a state long held fiscal hostage by the unions. Four of the 6 held their seats, meaning the 19-14 Republican majority was safely defended at 17-16.

Today, 2 Democrat senators in swing districts also face recalls, retaliation by the citizens for fleeing the state in order to deny a quorum and thereby stop the majorities from passing the legislation mentioned above. If they are both unseated by challengers tonight, then the Republicans restore the 19-14 majority they started this session off with.

What? Didn’t hear that announced by ABC Radio News at the top and bottom of every hour today? No…. you’re kidding.

OK, tonight I will keep this thread up to date with the election returns. The pre-election speculation is that District 12 is extremely competitive, but District 22 is more of a long shot for Republicans. So far, it’s 7:50pm Central, and the polls are already closed. No results reported yet…

… oh, and OPEN THREAD.

E Pluribus Unum
The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete.

Pity, because I lived for it.