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Barack Obama is America’s Biggest Corporate Fat-Cat

…who is trying to fleece his shareholders.

He is a big-wig. He has his own corporate jet, his own million-dollar company bus, actually three of them. These are the most un-green gas guzzlers in America. It takes his wife a fleet of thirty other gas-guzzlers just to get a special loaf of bread down around the corner. Everywhere he goes, Obama has an entourage of hundreds requiring even more gas guzzling.

He has an expense account to die for, and can get anybody bumped from a reserved room at the Ritz anytime he wants to.

He has a Board of Directors that indulges his every want. Its willingness to please him would even make Enron’s Skillings and Fastow blush.

And every year Obama Inc  gets bigger, adding new employees, creating new divisions and acquiring new subsidiaries, all requiring new office space. Barack Obama’s corporate headquarters is the only town in America where new construction in housing and office space is booming.

But there is just one rub.

No one in Obama’s Company generates any income. It’s just not what they do. Therefore the Corporation must continually go back and ask the stockholders to provide them with more capital. Sort of a keynesgeld.

Only the investing stockholders in the Corporation are getting fewer and fewer, setting the original federal equation of a reasonable return on taxation while keeping the golden goose alive, completely on its head. The retired, disabled and “unabled” stockholders now outnumber the investing stockholders. The goose is nearly cooked. The people are getting poorer, at the one end unable to hire as many as they’d like, and at the other end unable to find jobs making investing stockholders of themselves again.

Many have given up and are showing up at the Corporation’s soup kitchens for their daily bread, while many others finally show up at the Company’s gated docks each day trying to get a job, any job; loading or unloading Company trucks, guarding Company property, cutting Company grass, painting Company buildings or cleaning Company urinals. All they have to do is join the Company unions.

By November, 2010, the stockholders were good and angry and were able to get one-third representation on the Board of Directors. They then filed a lawsuit, asking for an injunction preventing the Corporation from making any new acquisitions, borrowing new money to finance them, or ordering them to buy a product from the Company they either didn’t want or could buy better and cheaper elsewhere. That case is pending, set for trial around November 2012. In the meantime, the stockholders are just barely hanging on.

With all that understood, you can then reverse engineer Barack Obama’s speeches this week, (made to less than enthusiastic crowds in Minnesota during his “listening” tour) and see what he is really saying:

If we cut government spending waste by x billions (not trillions), we need to replace it with x billions/trillions….by taking even more money from those corporate fat-cats competitors of Obama Inc in the private sector.

This case Obama is taking to the people, the shareholders, is that under no circumstances should  will the Corporation actually reduce the scale of its enterprises. “Cutting spending” is only doublespeak for “cutting waste”, which they are willing to do in the millions, not billions, not trillions.

In fact, even actual (promised) cuts in entitlements, in Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare in general, which will cut billions in the Corporations’ costs, will come in the reality of reduced services, including death panels to thin out the herd. That is already in place, at great expense and great expansion of Corporate staff.

Bottom line: Obama says the Corporation will not reduce its operating budget. It will only spend less of it by reducing the legitimate services to the stockholders.

Obama is saying none of his subsidiaries will be privatized. Staff will not be cut. Wages will not be reduced, and the only way the Company can be kept alive in its current management configuration will be to increase revenues, thereby reducing even further of shareholders to hire, and shareholders to be hired.

Obama never speaks of jobs creation, except by those union halls outside the gate at the company loading docks. Only there will jobs will be created.  And yes, shovels will be provided.

The Final Cut

While Obama speaks of partisan bickering, he is speaking only on behalf of his own Corporate officers, and no one else. From the beginning, the process of taking money from producing stockholders and giving it to non-producing corporate managers was always a dicey formula. It has long been acknowledged there are some things, by way of services, the Corporation could probably deliver better; things such as defending the shores, delivering the mail, or building fast, broad highways to transect the continent.

Two out of three ain’t bad, I guess. But if the Corporation has a division it is willing the scrap in order to trim costs, it is that “defending the shores” division.

Now you know what Obama is really saying out there. The only difference between Obama the Fat cat and our fat cats is that ours produces jobs, and taxpayers.

Therefor: Vassar’s Golden Rule for the Left

Do unto Those as they ask you to do unto others.

Citizen With Bark On

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Defense is an “entitlement”? We understand that under the terms of the debt deal and the unConstitutional joke called the Super Commission, if no agreement is reached, Defense automatically gets whacked. Is this the message Boehner and Co. think they “got” from the people last year? The knock on “entitlements” is that they’re where the big bucks are and the only way to show you’re serious about cuts is to put “entitlements” on the table. In the meantime, nobody, *on either side of the aisle* is talking about cutting Lisa Jackson’s entitlements, or Kathleen Sebelius’ entitlements, or Ray LaHood’s entitlements,… Read more »


Vassar, did you just coin a new term “Keynesgeld”? Very appropriate.

If you Bing the term, this dispatch comes up first!


Yes you can, get an Amen.


What kind of an outfit takes money from the productive to feed the unproductive and calls it stimulus? Even Ben & Jerry’s wouldn’t try that.