The Dark, Dark World of the Democrats


In America, we have two major political parties representing two entirely different philosophical viewpoints. These viewpoints provide opposing perspectives on almost every aspect of an individuals’ or our society’s governance: political, economic, social, academic and even the spiritual realm. As events have unfolded since the 2008 election, more attention has been paid to political parties and their messaging than ever before.  The distinction or contrast between them is greater than most of us ever imagined, and the huge contrast between the two major parties is the result of the intensive, and unfortunately, successful efforts of Leftists, a group of people who perceive almost everything about life – from the dark side.

The election of 2008 brought this to the front burner simply because the radicalism of the Democrats’ Left can no longer be hidden or disguised.  For 2 ½  years, our side of the political aisle has been bombarded by a vitriol and virulence most of us had never before experienced.  The 8-year attack on former Pres. George Bush was in preparation for what they planned to unleash once the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and the presidency.  Nothing we have seen has lessened, nor restrained them.  In fact, we can expect more.

What drives these people?  Vassar Bushmills wrote this recently, “What drives these useful idiots is just one thing, hatred.”  He has also attributed these types of personalities to their potty training and childhoods of never being told “no.”  I’ve decided that there should be a Democrat Misery Index, similar to the Consumer Confidence Index.  Monitoring this statistic ought to be an eye opener, especially if you poll Republicans as a control.  Almost everything about the Democrats stems from anger, an anger that takes them into the realm of hatred.  Every viewpoint they express is sourced from a perspective of entitlement that someone done them wrong, or someone has something they “shouldn’t.”  If one spends all their time thinking dark thoughts and living on the dark side, they can only remain unhappy. Nothing will satisfy them,  as we have seen.

Barack Obama, with his mantra of hope, actually reveals a world devoid of hope; he and the Democrats have little comprehension of what hope means because built into the definition of hope is the concept of optimism and prospects for the future.  Yet, to the Democrats, the means to achieving their ends is taking or destroying something or someone else. They live with a world view of pessimism.  This world view is destructive, and only promotes more of the same.  It can build nothing. Vitriol spewed by union thugs promotes further anger and hatred, and Black Panthers allowed to intimidate voters with baseball bats by standing in front of a polling place projects hatred.  Anger and hatred – fomented by a political party, toward more than half of the American people; where will this end?

I ask that question because none of this is going to lessen in the coming months.  The election of Barack Obama in 2008 seemed to embolden those of the Left who seek to further their radical causes, and destruction of decency in America in general.  In 2008, not only did we lose control of the three branches of government, but we handed control of all regulatory agencies over to the Left, including the Justice Dept, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, etc.  We’ve certainly seen the toll on the nation from this. Until the election of November, 2010, nothing was able to stop them.  If anything, they are more driven than ever before to destroy America and the heart of her people.

Take note of the word Destroy.  It is the word best used to describe and associate with the Democrats.  Almost everything they touch turns to ashes; they wouldn’t agree, but it is true.  The programs of Johnson’s Great Society destroyed the black family, and is making vast inroads into the white family.  It’s not hard to check the statistics on women having children out of wedlock, or homes with no fathers.  But, worse than that is the destruction of human life by the abortion industry.  What is there about unfettered abortion that is constructive?  Absolutely nothing.  We’ve destroyed over 52 million potential innocent lives, generations of Americans who never had a chance to live in this great country.  How does the destruction of unborn human beings make for a better world, or a life of hope?  It can’t, it destroys the very soul of a nation.

Let’s look at the attack on faith in this country by the Democrats, another effort to destroy, and make no make mistake, that is their goal.  Pay attention to the lawsuits brought by the ACLU to make sure there are no roadside crosses, memorials to a tragic loss of life in a car accident.  Or note the removal of decades-old memorials to fallen soldiers such as the Mojave Cross.  That case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and our side won, only to have the cross stolen by vandals.  Recently, the DOD succumbed to the demands brought by an atheist organization that Air Force chaplains teaching a course on “Just War” could not read scriptures. Military chaplains are being increasingly restricted in the practice of their faith.  What good are they then to the troops?  The Left doesn’t care, as long as they can advance their agenda to remove God from our institutions. They do this in order to command and control the people; the people cannot have God in place of government.

Ironically, or tragically, the methods and agenda of the Left actually promote increasing disparity among the people instead of pulling them together or upward.  Encouraging dependency pulls everyone down, but the Left won’t acknowledge this, as it would mean the end of class warfare as a weapon. The political rhetoric and hate speech we’ve seen will continue and we will have to face it and combat it. The malignant media will do everything they can to make sure the agenda of the Left succeeds.  While politicians from our side are polite and reasoned, it does us no good to be too mannerly while our country is being destroyed.  There are ways to call out the Left for their lying and hatred, and still be civil.

The Democrats will project everything negative and ugly onto our side. You must expect that.  Their world view is from the dark side, it causes a bloodlust of anger and resentment.  You could give them everything and it still would not be enough.  The cup is never filled for these people, as their perception of the world is that everything that is wrong in their lives is the fault of someone, somewhere.  They live on a bane of, “if only…”

Conservatives live with an appreciation and gratitude of life.  Traditional, freedom loving Americans have the worldview of a cup at least half-filled, and if they want more – they work for it.  They demand of themselves vs demanding of others.  I try not to be a preachy person, but I also believe that many traditional Americans, believe that a Being greater than themselves exists in the Universe, a fixed Star.  The Founding Fathers believed this as well; they also established this country based on principles that, if followed, would keep the nation from the darkness.

This bible verse speaks to how hard the Left will fight and why.  John 3:20:  “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”  We cannot speak of others’ souls, but we can speak of the heart.  This battle is one for the heart of America.


Picture credit: Frank Frazetta

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Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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August 15, 2011 6:33 am

They thought their liberalism was the answer they have found it is not and they are dying on the vine and acting as a wounded animal would as it crawls away to die!

August 15, 2011 6:40 am

How appropriate to use a Frazetta painting titled “The Death Dealer” to describe the lib’s. Frazetta’s works always evoke very powerful visuals. Much like the stories of Robert E. Howard’s main character who was associated with these paintings, the country faces an enemy beyond repentance. As in those stories your imagination took you to places sometimes beyond the actual text itself. From my observations, the similarities between this comparison to Frazetta’s painting and the bad guys in the Conan stories strongly relate to the Lib’s. Their actions have taken us to new places where a lack of imagination on our… Read more »

August 15, 2011 8:04 am

Thanks Lady P, great article. You’ve given me a new term that I can use repeatedly… “Malignant Media.”

August 15, 2011 8:59 am

I have long suspected that, that to most libDems, in the recesses of their reptilian brains, Republicans = Parents or Authority Figures in their early lives. So their hatred is usually unbounded and irrational. THus they hated daddy Bush, GWB, and any authority figure Repub in the WH which would include the likes of Perry, Bachmann, Palin or Cain. So far as the content of their demands, we must basically ignore them as we would a 5 year old’s tantrum, that’s all it is. PR wise we must be in proactive mode everyday, defending good policy every way and in… Read more »

August 15, 2011 9:45 am

The Ego either affirms or denies. We shall see what America chooses in 2012.

August 15, 2011 10:48 am

Good article, Lady P. And I really like the choice of artwork you’ve used. Personally, I still think a lot of the actions we’re seeing from the left stems from the fact that they have an all-consuming desire for power and control that has corrupted their hearts and minds to the point that they really don’t care about right versus wrong, good vs. evil any more. The end justifies the means in their own mind. They live in this self-deceitful cocoon of how good they are, how right they are, how wise they are, etc., and from their viewpoint, that… Read more »

August 15, 2011 5:46 pm

“If one spends all their time thinking dark thoughts and living on the dark side, they can only remain unhappy. Nothing will satisfy them, as we have seen.” So true, LP Occasionally Limbaugh will make the same point. When he and his staff cut up, there is genuine playfulness and jocularity in it. When you see the hollow-eyed people on MSNBC or CNN or places like that try it, it doesn’t even come off as funny. WE think about Buckley, the wit and one who enjoyed good times and smiles and laughs. We think about the Happy Warrior. We think… Read more »

August 16, 2011 9:26 am

I think what I find singularly depressing about your post, other than the insightful content, is trying to see the specific pathway to defeating these sick, sick people. I mentally harken back to the old adage “fight fire with fire” but that reduces us to their level. For very personal reasons I am not at all opposed to venturing down into the sewer with a Louisville Slugger, but for many that idea offends their sensibilities. IMO, however, it is their resistance to having their sensibilities offended that is, at the very least, partially responsible for the mess we are in… Read more »