Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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“You Open The Refrigerator Door, The Lights Don’t Come On”

That would again be the brilliant Congressman Allen West, speaking about the idiot tax cheat Timothy Geithner. This man Congressman West is the best speaker for We The People, who by the way are the TEA Party. Did anyone ever take a look at who makes up the TEA Party? No, they have just turned on us, and us would be Republicans, Democrats and Independents who agree that Washington DC is out of control. When the NIH is giving 91M to China to study prostitutes, or 200M to National Panhandler Radio of which only the 18% calling themselves liberals even listen to, and I could go on and on, it is a travesty of this Country that so much money, taken from the hard work of all Americans is used for flights of fancy, such as Harry Reid’s cowboy poetry. Enough is enough, we aren’t going anywhere until we bring this failure of a federal government to heel. The TEA Party will be here until the day Big Government, Big Business and Big Science gets the hell off of our backs! When the government again fears the people and we feel freedom, because right now the people fear the government and America cannot live under this tyranny!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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