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“Ron Paul Not The Kind Of Guy You Need To Be Sitting At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”

I totally agree Congressman West. You know, the funny part is that a whole lot of Conservatives agree with Paul on his Federal Reserve opinion, we think they are crooked as well. Then there are Conservatives who believe that the Libya war was a complete an utter debacle from this so called anti-war President. He makes sense about 30% of the time and then comes the crazy. The real shame about a man like Ron Paul is the way he draws in those young college students who believe that he would bring this country to an isolationist Country. It isn’t going to happen because the World has a jealousy problem and they want to destroy us and to be on offense is to defend our Country, which is the ONLY thing that the Federal Government ought to be doing Constitutionally. So he may sell himself as some grand Constitutionalist but he would stop that which he is mandated to do.

That he thinks Iran should have a nuclear bomb so that they feel safe in their neighborhood is insanity on parade. I could go on about Paul but you all know who he is and how unstable he is and in that respect Congressman West is well aware that Ron Paul is unfit to sit behind the desk as President of these United States Go Home Congressman Paul, Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life, But Stop Making The Republican Party Look Like The Party Of Nuts

Speaking at a Tea Party event in Fort Lauderdale, West said he was deeply concerned about U.S. foreign policy, and particularly the threat Iran poses to the rest of the world.

“Let me be very honest. When I was listening to the debate Thursday night and a certain candidate for president stood there and said he didn’t see any problem with Iran getting a nuclear device because everybody else has one — I have to tell you, that’s not the kind of guy you need to be sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” West said to applause.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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