Midwest Rising confronts Bank of America in St. Louis

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Please see my previous article about this weekend of environmental and community activists *converging* on the city of St. Louis and rallying against all the “evil-doers.”

The video below was taken on Friday, August 12 at a downtown St. Louis B of A. The groups’ beef, which include Missouri ACORN and other radical leftist groups, complain B of A has taken advantage of low income borrowers. It is the intent of this protest rally to convince people to pull money from B of A accounts and also cut up their credit cards.

Notice at about the 4:20 mark the group shouts “give police a raise.” Yet the video pans to the riot police, in full gear at about the 6:00 mark.

HEY PROTESTERS! May I remind you all that ACORN, one of the organizers, is one of the groups heavy into getting you guys those *low interest loans* in the first place.

Tomorrow, Monday, is the plan for “direct action” which will target coal companies, Monsanto and electric companies which have HQ in St. Louis.

I’ll keep you updated.

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8 responses to Midwest Rising confronts Bank of America in St. Louis

  1. erickbrockway August 14th, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Guess they couldn’t use the name “Midwest Uprising”, cuz, like, that’s too close to their other group in the Middle East…

    • LadyImpactOhio August 14th, 2011 at 7:44 pm

      I wonder if that 25 yr old bank manager I tried to warn a couple weeks ago this was gonna happen *at his branch* is outside there in the trenches or hiding out in a closet soiling himself. 😀

  2. YLovell August 14th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    I must say though, if this had to happen, It couldn’t have happened to ” A Better Bank”.

    I really despise Bank Of America.

    Does that sentiment make me a subversive? I don’t mean to be, I just really hate B of A.

    Of course, it’s that 25 year old manager soiling himself in the broom closet that is paying the price for the people that make policy at B of A.

    • LadyImpactOhio August 14th, 2011 at 11:06 pm

      Well, YLovell.

      I don’t if you read my previous article linked in this one. But this is part of SEIU Stephen Lerner’s plan to bring down the US banking system by having people pull their money out of the big banks and put them in community banks. Glenn Beck warned about this.

      Not only is B of A a target, but so is Chase, Wells Fargo and CitiBank.

      MO ACORN has done this same thing 2X that I know of in St. Louis. One at another BoA and one at a Chase bank and California ACORN is targeting Wells Fargo.

      Also remember Angelo Mozilo who founded Countrywide which was bought by BoA; and Herb & Marion Sandler who founded Golden West which was bought by Wachovia & later ended up taken by WF are 3 of the 20 or so people most responsible for the financial meltdown.

      So if you despise BoA, you also have to despise those greedy few people who began the mess years ago.

      Our mortgage is with BoA. It didn’t used to be, it was originally with Countrywide. I have a thing against Mozilo. He walked away with millions. But would I participate in a protest at a BoA? No.

      This Midwest Rising is also targeting the coal companies, Monsanto and Ameren that I know of. Ameren supplies electricity for IL & MO. Not only coal-fired but nuclear.

      We’ll see what happens tomorrow, if anything.

      • YLovell August 14th, 2011 at 11:56 pm

        Hi LIO, Yes, I did read your post regarding this matter. I’m sure I don’t understand the full purpose of these protests other than the intent to turn public opinion against these companies and cause chaos and mayhem. But I’m trying.

        I do appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share and educate. I sincerely mean this. You do an exceptional job.

        I am familiar with CW and the crap they were putting out. I also believe, if I am remebering correctly, that CW and B of A were in bed together through this time and B of A pretty much had to eat that which CW was spewing or else. At least all the loans I was originating and sending to countrywide for underwriting at the time would lead me to believe they were thick as theives.

        It is not because of the mortgage industry that I abhor B of A, and rightly or wrongly, I just could not control my impulse to make the remark.

        And Yes, I really dislike the other 20 or so Folks as well. Along with Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and the scum from Goldman Sachs who then were with onewest bank and Indy and the scam they have going through Fannie and Freddie.

        Sometimes, I wish I had never “awakened”. Or, on the other hand I wish I would awaken and discover I’m really on Newhart and my biggest worry is if Darryl and his other brother Darryl remebered to turn off the oven at the cafe.

        Thanks for helping to keeping me up night LIO. LOL

  3. LadyImpactOhio August 15th, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    So far the group has *visited* Monsanto, Arch & Peabody Coal, Verizon (strike natch)and the same B of A they *visited* in the video above. And the St. L Bd of Ed. (More on that in my follow up article).

    14 have been arrested downtown for blocking an intersection between BoA and Peabody Coal and according to twit feed there have been choppers overhead most of the day.

    No video. Yet. But some interesting pictures.

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