Immunizing Ourselves Against Washington




So now that James Richard “Rick” Perry (b. March 4, 1950, the rest is a matter of public record and much profiling and media summation) has entered the race for President of the United States, we understand that his past actions are going to be dredged up to be digested in public ruminating over his fitness for office. Fair enough. One of the things we understand is going to be spotlighted  is an episode when Governor Perry initially came out in favor of, and did issue an executive order (later overturned by the Texas Legislature) for immunizing the young female population of the state of Texas with something called ‘Gardasil’, an anti-viral vaccine meant to combat Human Papilloma Virus, which the Centers for Disease Control says can cause health problems, the severity of which ranges from genital warts to certain cancers, including cervical cancer, this virus ordinarily being transmitted by sexual activity.

That’s as far out into the weeds as we’re going to get on this disease today, for we are only  using it as an example of leadership, governing and motivational and inspirational style, and the trust factor  that we need to take a look at when deciding who to listen to on the direction of our country. We are not scientists, and chances are that 96 to 97.324 % of you reading this are not scientists, or doctors, or researchers in all things socio-political-physiological-environmental-behavioral- medical.   We are what we eat and what we read, and we act according to our levels of trust. The knock on Rick Perry is that he had latent liberal tendencies which led him to advocate for immunizing little girls with Gardasil, thus lessening the risk of them developing or transmitting HPV, and the implied assertion of him   perhaps having given, along with the liberal crowd, the silent assent to sexual behavior among those not prepared or equipped by age or status for it, and also opening himself up to criticism because persons on his staff were said to have ties to the drug industry. (Big Oil, Big Drug, whatever.  The anti-Texas crowd doesn’t like anything big associated with Big Texas) Then there was the matter about a supposed too hasty approval of the drug, on considerations of safety and effectiveness,  and its preliminary acceptance into the Texas Department of Health protocols.  Whatever the case, Perry seems to have now accepted some criticism of him on the matter by issuing an informal mea culpa in recent hours.

The issue isn’t dead;  these issues never are. But concerned women and women’s issues (and health issues in general) advocates among us, up to and including both right-to-lifers and right-to-reject-government injectioners, should consider this aspect: Perry claims his initial stance on the matter was deeply influenced by the specter of cancer, a universally and unanimously acknowledged killer. This rationale for mandating immunizations certainly must be considered far more advised and acceptable than the spurious and almost universally unsubstantiated claims of “health of the mother” concerns in many of the millions of abortions performed nationwide, for one thing. And the other thing is that Perry was either being completely honest, or he had the very good sense to claim at any rate, that he, like most of us as we stated earlier, has a lot of input to his senses on a lot of issues and the fact that he is not a practicing physician and may have relied initially on the wrong assumptions, means that to err is human.

So there’s that. Turning our attention to Washington, DC, we expect that you will hear in the coming weeks and months from the establishment, the  beltway and vested class, on both sides of the aisle, condemnation of Perry’s ‘waffling’ on the issue. You will hear it all, up to and including probably “Perry says he was for Gardasil before he was against it”.  You will also hear the anti-rugged individualism diatribes about Texans and cowboys. It already started today on UniversalistPMSCNB’s (or whatever channel 13 calls themselves these days) Press the Meat show  when some goofball from Politico was on claiming Perry needs to tone down the “West Texas Swagger” a little bit. Uh, excuse me but when one says “I made a mistake in judgement” (in re Gardasil), does that not qualify as ameliorating the swagger? No, of course not, say they.  Surrendering to the dictates of leftist ideology is the only redeeming possibility.  But we digress.

The absolutely galling moment will be reached when the elites who want to shape the attitudes and the outcomes, and who have the ultimate power to do so by virtue of their positions, will chastise Perry while expecting us to overlook the fact that –  despite mountains and mountains of evidence, court and congressional testimony, public exposition of faulty and fraudulent research and manipulation of data and publication of same, resulting in the expenditure of tens of billions, or hundreds of billions, of taxpayer dollars,the creation of more and more layers and levels and branches of bureaucracy,  the destruction of entire industries, the loss of ten million jobs –  these enablers of the scientific fraud known as global warming absolutely refuse to rethink their previous support for adopting so-called anti-global warming measures, let alone publicly recant it and won’t be bothered to put on the table any concrete methods or proposals to reverse or slow down the US, and the international,  push to return the human condition, at least the American  human condition,  to a Dark Ages state of existence.

In their warped sense of not only political but Constitutional etiquette, they think that, although they might word the regulations a different way, Barack Obama is perfectly within his right to direct, or allow, the various departments and agencies in Washington to categorically state that since Americans exhale, the fact that they are Americans means that what they exhale is a pollutant, and the fact that Americans warm and cool and transport and feed and clothe themselves,  as Americans are wont to do, means that the methods they use and the motivations they have are in contradiction to the well being of Nature.  This left-wing-cum-liberal-cum-progressive-cum-Establishment Republican lunacy is more than that.  It is an abomination, and Americans like Rick Perry know it, feel it and chafe under it.

Oh, no, say the Congressional habitues of The Beltway!  Why, they’re just as mad as hell as anybody else about it, and to show how irate they are, they’re going back to their home states to ask the people if they’re really, really, double dog sure they want them to vote to cut off Lisa Jackson’s slush funds …………in the out years.

These people, incredibly, get re-elected in their home states, but they live and thrive and issue their legislative permits in Washington, DC and the things they permit the bureaucrats to ooze are infectuous and destructive to human beings, these edicts and pronouncements by the ruling class  functionaries,  and must be stamped out like the diseases they truly are.  Rick Perry understands this,  as he alluded to in his announcement.  And he seems to  understand that the public must be innoculated against them by some very specific remedies which are genuinely time-tested and experience-proven to be good and effective.  These innoculations are doses of Constitutional principles, the super vaccines like “Congress shall make no law”  and “Those powers not delegated…..are reserved…..” and such other powerful medicines as may be prescribed.  Folk medicines?  You bet!



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August 15, 2011 1:27 am

Swagger? No swagger in Texas.

Hey, did you you know that the top of the dome on the TX capitol is 1 foot taller than the top of the capitol dome in DC.

Tweeted your article Bob. Good un.

August 15, 2011 6:40 am

I was fighting against Perry when he made this HORRIBLE decision, there is no long term proof that gardisal does what it proposes to do, just as there isn’t that long term knowledge on 90% of the drugs companies come up with, it was the drug maker and their coziness with Perry that turned up the heat for me, I DESPISE Big Science hooking up with Big Government to run the lives of myself and my children and I will fight those politicians who work in that manner at every turn. That being said, Republicans WILL back down when We… Read more »

August 15, 2011 11:07 am

bob, a lot of elected officials on the Repub side of the fence had become so complacent about “going with the flow” with liberals “for the sake of peace” and to support “bipartisanship” (which was in turn partly due to the fact that they let Dems use fear of public response against them rather than sticking to their guns)….okay, I’ll bypass the rant. I guess what I’m considering at this point is that some of these elected officials on the Repub end of the spectrum with spines like spaghetti noodles have finally started waking up to the reality that Americans… Read more »

August 15, 2011 11:59 pm

Lh and Bob, that is actually a question I have regarding the Guardisil. Has Perry ever explicitly acknowledged he had this wrong?
I think it was the legislature that shut him down but did he then “get” it?
Or does he still think he was right?
Just curious.