Goons Strike Again


Goons vs Anti-Terror Squad

Someone asked the question “Why isn’t Verizon using their own private security company to protect the workers fixing the cut cables?” Silly person. If things go south, the Anti-Terror Squad has an arsenal at their disposal.

Plus, they can arrest the goons.

I do hope Verizon reimburses the Police for the above and beyond assistance by the way. With New York having been ground zero, the Anti-Terror Squad and their resources are better served elsewhere.

It is going to get worse until this strike is settled. The striking workers are going after lines of communication by which people live and work. Public opinion will not be favorable for the strikers when the businesses suffer financial losses or people are unable to call for help in case of fire, assault, kidnapping, etc.

I did get one of those niggling little thoughts floating in the background. This is an opportunity for more nefarious skullduggery to be turned loose.

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August 14, 2011 11:40 am

The union socialists are prepared to crack heads. As always. They might just be calling the thunder down upon themselves.

August 14, 2011 11:48 am

Mayor Richard J. Daley was a Democrat, a crook, a dictator and everything else. But he knew anarchy when he saw it, and in 1968 he issued the famous “Shoot to kill, shoot to maim” order, and Chicago, at least the Loop, was not destroyed.