Getting In Front Of Rick Perry


Let’s start this thing right off with my full and unwavering endorsement of Rick Perry for President. I commit, here and now, to write about him whenever and wherever I can find an audience; Rick Perry needs to be our next President.

Now, mind you, I don’t really like him all that much and I have said so many times and in many places…with no regrets for ever having done so. He and I simply disagree on a number of issues, but there is one thing he and I agree on as if we were twin brothers: Barack Obama is destroying America, and he must be stopped. Period.

If ever there was a time when this country needed someone with the exact sort of experience (admittedly, in Perry’s case, on a reduced scale) a President should be expected to have when he takes the oath of office, this is surely it. If we have ever needed someone who is unafraid of using the words “God” and “American exceptionalism” in the same sentence at a time when this country faces her worst moments in history, her most oppressive drought of leadership, and her lowest moments of disregard and disrespect from her neighbors, surely we need him now. And, with all due respect to the current (and rumored-potential candidates), y’all need to just step aside and work TOGETHER (for once) and ally yourselves with the cause of freedom and the undoing of Obama’s evisceration of the American Dream… and do it through and with Rick Perry.

So…having now made official that which most of us had already presumed, it’s as good a time as any to air it out on the Perry candidacy before things heat up (which they most certainly will… and all too soon, to be sure).

I lived in Texas from ’99 to ’10 as a transplant from the northeast (to which I have, subsequently, returned). Having been there between the waning days of GWB’s governance of the great state of Texas all the way up to Perry’s governance slightly more than a year ago, and through my own personal observations and experiences, I can assure you there is no state in America where you will find citizens with any more pride in themselves, and the place they call home, than in Texas. Say what you will about their culture and their attitudes and their approaches to the everyday mundaneness of life; I was as proud of being a Texan, and I enjoyed the hell out of my life there during that stretch, every bit as much as any who might have had, by the grace of God, the great good fortune of having been there since the day they were born. These are the sorts of people that have elected Rick Perry to run their state 3 times…they know what they’re doing. They have a few lessons they can teach the rest of the country.

In the days and months ahead, Texas is going to get ripped up by every critic that can muster the nerve to slither out from underneath a rock in order to try and put this candidate and my adopted state down. Liberals and progressives are going to make Perry’s run all about the state itself and the degree to which they will have us believe Perry means to make the whole country just like the Lone Star state (NTTAWT). But make no mistake; hard though they may try to make it so, this campaign is NOT about Texas…it’s about Barack Obama… and knowing Perry as I do, I can assure you he has more than enough testicular fortitude to make that case over and over and over and over again EACH and EVERY day. I like him for that, more than anything else fwiw.

So, a few thoughts on Perry, his time in Texas, and what he brings to the table.

Perry was W’s Lt. Governor. In Texas what this means is that his job was to “manage” the State Legislature for the Governor. It also means he was the smoke-filled backroom guy that twisted the right arms, and made things happen. In his own right Perry was both loved AND hated by the Texas legislature… and what that means is that he was effective. Once he hit the big time in the Governor’s mansion, he continued (with the help of Lt. Governor Dewhurst) to get things done; leading is what Executives do you see. Finding compromise is what Executives do. Taking the glory as WELL as the fall…these are the things executives do. Manning up to his responsibilities and making sure the People’s business is tended to and taken care of… these are also the sorts of things that Executives do. These things are nothing like what our Community Organizer in Chief has done, neither before he got a ticket to the big dance…nor since.

During his 32 re-elections (I kid, I kid-Perry is the longest running Governor in Texas history) Perry has never been seriously challenged, which means even people like me that voted for Kinky (“Why the hell NOT?”) Friedman never really had much of a chance against the Perry machine. Further, as the primary challenge he faced against 18-year US Senator KBH showed, even an establishment Republican (using the term loosely in her case) was no match for him.

Perry has accomplished much, despite the extent to which his critics are attempting (and will do even moreso in the months ahead) to distance him from the good things Texas has accomplished compared against the rest of the country. What they can not separate him from, however, are the facts: he has commanded a military force within State boundaries, negotiated with (and stood tall against) foreign dignitaries, managed both a budget and a widely diverse public sector workforce. And, he has managed a Legislature.

Barack Obama ain’t (and never was) all that.

I’ve met Rick Perry…shook his hand and looked him in the eye… and I’m on board, because Rick Perry IS all that. We’re always going to disagree; the fate of a Politician is his calling to make me like it when he doesn’t give me what I want. In Perry’s case, I’m used to it…and I still like him enough to stand up in his defense, and do my part to see to it that he gets himself a nice gig on Pennsylvania Ave. in January 2013. I owe him that much.

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Lady Penguin
August 14, 2011 3:53 pm

A outstanding and honest appraisal, Stack. Thank you, and I believe he is all that. Someone who will take on and take down Barack Obama, because in the end that is our need, our desperate need.

redneck hippie
August 14, 2011 4:36 pm

This bandwagon looks very interesting…2 words: Yeee Haaw !

E Pluribus Unum
August 14, 2011 6:03 pm

I wholeheartedly agree – with pretty much everything here.

And for those limp richard media types, paid consultants and hacks, and all manner of barack groupies who want to diss Texas as a way to diss Perry and thereby diss conservatism, I say, “come down here and say it.”

I’m not even considered a tough guy in this crowd. And I’ll whup anybody’s ass, good and properly, who trash talks Texas.