A Powerline Prize Winner: Dawn Of The Debt


Pretty darn awesome, and very much in keeping with all the stories about zombies, very timely. I was engaged, I think you will be as well. We The People Will Win This Battle, As We Begin To Fight On All Fronts

I always knew the power of film as a medium, but it wasn’t until I became politically active that I became aware of just how important this tool really is. The left have become masters at utilizing liberal subtext in their work to influence their audience. The problem is that our side doesn’t utilize this medium as effectively as they can. We don’t have Hollywood, but we do have the internet. Yet simply producing a video about conservatism does not a captivating video make. It’s not just about the content of the video, or the information written on the screen. It’s about connecting emotionally with your audience. There is only one real way to do this: storytelling.

We watch movies in hope of being swept off our feet for a couple of hours with a good story. Relating to characters, their goals, and ultimately their actions or inaction is what connects us to a good story. As dozens, if not hundreds of Big Hollywood articles have explained, taking back the culture is the key to reshaping the hearts and minds of Americans. Film is just one, albeit very important piece of the puzzle.

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August 15, 2011 11:46 am

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