Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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“This right-wing hate has got to stop – before Democrats kill somebody!”

Those “hateful” right-wingers even have to bring bodyguards with them everywhere because of the threat of violence from the left.

What more proof do you need that the right has the market cornered on hate?

Stuff like this isn't tolerated at the hate-filled Tea Party protests

How much more backward can the world get?

A person who says Obama’s policies are bad for America finds themselves called “racist” and worse, threatened with violence.

Conservative pundits, invited to speak at tax-supported universities, the leftist Democrats go into a rage, and to protect the students the speakers are “dis-invited.”

Clearly the hate is, by a huge margin, on the side of the left and Democrats.

Sure, go through a large enough group of people and you’ll find hateful people in both parties, but how is it so many have gravitated to the leftist Democrat party?

Why all the hate in the “Peace and Love” party?

Maybe it’s their taste in “art”?

Video h/t that OTHER McCain

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