Beat Obama? Buckle Up Buckos


There seems to be panic spreading among Obama supporters. The Democrats are crazy but not stupid enough to dismiss what has transpired in the markets over the last several weeks. It is obvious for all the failings and flailings of the president that one thing that has propped him up was the stunning rise of the financial markets from 2009 lows. Conservatives argue it was a bubble inflated by a Federal Reserve desperate to deny any return on investments except those who accepted the risk of stock ownership.

The socialists claim their wild spending spree is “working” by pointing to the stock market. Just look at the price of Apple and never mind Jobs Midas is too uncertain to invest Apple’s stash of cash. Now that the stock market bubble has started to deflate, it’s panic city for Bamabots. Polls show new lows for Obama.

Obama’s current trials and tribulations are encouraging to constitutionalists and all lovers of God gifted freedom. Beating Obama in 2012 is job one and that is looking a bit easier. Warning . . . let us not think we are going to beat Obama in a cakewalk. You know the Democrats will cheat and we’ll never know how much.

Put the cheating aside for a moment and let’s accept that half of Americans pay no federal income tax. In fact the government uses the tax code as welfare for low wage workers. Add to that the huge number of people who are dependent on the government for sustenance and it’s easy to see a huge constituency for wild spending government. This isn’t news to anybody but when you think about how the largesse is in many ways concentrated in high population, union blue states . . . hello, McFly, there’s a problem.

I tried to play it out on an electoral map, using the new electoral vote totals from the latest census. The result was cause for concern, to say the least. Take a look (click to enlarge):

As my map is laid out, the race is a squeaker. You might be saying, wait, people are really ticked off and so we are going to flip a lot of traditionally Demococrat states. Really? Are we going to flip Minnestoa and Wisconsin? These two states have voted for Democrat presidential candidates for 40 and 24 years, respectively.

Go here to tinker with the map yourself. Click on a state to get the electoral history. New York and California are big states that will vote for Obama. Draw up your own scenarios but it looks like it will be a tough go against the Won, even if Republicans can settle on the best candidate. Can we try conservative, this time?

If you can draw a map showing an easy Republican win over Obama, let us see it. I acknowledge that Republicans can probably win back Virginia, North Carolina and New Hampshire. The map presented assumes the GOP retakes Florida and Ohio, gulp. That’s no problem, right? 🙂

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August 13, 2011 2:15 pm

Here is my map.

Mine ended up with the EV votes for the GOP at 296 and the EV votes for the Dems at 242. I did look at Nevada and New Mexico going GOP this time with the support of Gov. Martinez and Gov. Sandoval.

August 13, 2011 3:57 pm

Not sure about Ohio, TG. We’ll know more after Nov. 2011 when we have a referendum to repeal Obamacare and also a referendum to repeal SB5.

Those results will then I believe, be the barometer for what will happen here in 2012.

Dems as you say, are already rabid, cheating and lying. But we already knew that.

Ohio also happened to be the first target in the nation for an online OFA meetup about 3 months ago.

E Pluribus Unum
August 13, 2011 4:01 pm

Perhaps I am irrationally exuberent, but I think we have this in a cakewalk, winning the electoral vote 322-216, with this thing over before the polls are even closed in the Mountain states. I believe we will easily take back 2008 outliers like VA, NC, and FL and I believe that the 2004 map is a little closer to a starting point than the 2008. Aside from those outliers, we will take the traditional swing states FL, OH, and NH. There are very good and tangible reasons we should take each state, and that’s not even COUNTING the huge tide… Read more »