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The Most Transparent Administration Evah Lied About Ramadan Dinner

You know the most uncomfortable feeling about finding out your government is composed of bald-faced liars? You always have to wonder about what else they’re hiding. Once someone is proven to be perfectly willing to lie without compunction, you can’t trust anything they do or say. The Obama administration is lying. Unashamedly and with malice aforethought.

Via Daily Caller:

The White House’s published guest list for this year’s Ramadan Iftar dinner was much shorter than previous years’ roster. It excluded the names of several controversial advocates who have attended the event in the past, including some who The Daily Caller can confirm did attend on Wednesday night.

“It was a squeaky clean list,” said Durriya Badani, director of the U.S.-Islamic World Forum, an annual event organized by the Brookings Institution’s Saban Center and the Qatari government. The guests on the published list are “not controversial at all,” said Badani, whose name is on the list the White House provided to reporters.

“It was a lot more low-key … It was a more intimate event this year,” said Haris Tarin, the Washington director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, whose invitation was kept off the published list. “I have no idea why they didn’t publish [MPAC’s invite] … I’m going to learn about that a little bit more,” he told The Daily Caller.

Mohamed Magid also attended but did not appear on the White House’s publish list. Magid is imam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Northern Virginia and the current president of the Islamic Society of North America. Along with MPAC, Magid’s two organizations have drawn criticism from a loose network of online critics who claim they are sympathetic to Islamist groups.

Whether intentional or not, the shorter list limited the risk of a political embarrassment for the White House because it downplayed the attendance of several ideological Islamist groups, including MPAC, said Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a pro-Western Muslim group. But the White House also failed to invite any of the 25 pro-liberty American Muslim groups and individuals in Jasser’s American Islamic Leadership Coalition, he said.

Emphasis added.

Your government is not trustworthy. It is not just that they are incompetent; that they are losers; that they are failures; that they are fiddling while Rome burns; it is that they will deliberately deceive you. They will cover up any activity they engage in that would be opposed by you, their voters. They don’t consider themselves accountable to you. They will manipulate you.

This cannot stand, lest our republic fall. They are accountable and we must hold them to it.

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