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“They Want The Hate That Blackens Their Souls To Warp Others”

I love to read Robin Of Berkley at American Thinker, because she is me, just many more years later (she is younger). She probably always was conservative, but raised around so much white guilt, she, like an abused wife, became that which she saw. The treatment of Hillary in 2008 woke her up, and she has only moved more rightward since. She is probably too young to remember the violence of the late 60’s and 70’s, when radicals like Farrakhan, and Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers, all preached and fomented violence, but Robin’s example of what is happening today isn’t too different. The leader of this new generation of black hate against whitey is Barack Hussein Obama (read his book) and his ilk: the New Black Panthers, Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder and the radicals in his Justice Department and the DNC and DNCC. All of those people spout racist lies each and every day.  They make young blacks think that white America is out to destroy them, even as they get everything free, these radicals whip them up into a frenzy of demanding MORE!!!. Its always more, it will never be enough, and you will give more of your hard earned dollars for cell phones and college, or you are a racist. Well as Robin is finding out, Americans have had enough.

White America in particular has paid its penance for the horrors of slavery for over 6 decades now and I, and millions upon millions of others like me are saying no more. This Country has provided more opportunity to ALL races then any other Country in the whole wide World. To still be attacked for the past, of which a majority of Americans never had anything to do with, is to allow a reverse racism to occur, and I am saying, no, you cannot make me feel bad anymore about something I and my husband and 2 children had nothing to do with. Hell, my father and mother and grandparents didn’t even have anything to do with slavery, so enough race baiters, your time is over. The Sleeping Giant Awakens:

She voted for him, even though I tried and tried in vain to wake her up to the truth. I myself voted for Hillary until the ascent of Obama snapped me out of my lifetime progressive trance.

I saw that something was terribly wrong, that people were acting crazy around him. The multitudes were entranced, hypnotized, in a cult-like way. Even more disturbingly, the more emotionally unstable supporters were behaving violently towards any and all opponents. And Obama, taking in the whole scene, said nothing.

The smearing of the opposition, the misogyny directed at Hillary and Sarah, the cloud of aggression that followed Obama around, like the grime that trailed after the cartoon character Pigpen, felt frightening to me, menacing, and creepy. It finally dawned on me that should Obama be elected, the dark and uncivilized behavior that I see in Berkeley would spread and multiply and envelope the entire country.

I tried my best to explain all of this to Gail; I pleaded with her to reconsider her automatic pilot vote for Obama. I pulled out all of the stops: I explained in painstaking detail what life was like in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco under the radicals. I told her about walking a gauntlet of paranoid, drug-addled derelicts on Telegraph Avenue, about the frequent attacks on tourists in San Francisco. I reminded her of my own mugging, and informed her that everyone out here has a similar story — or knows someone who does.

And, I told her, the worst part of it is that no one seems to care — that citizens have become so programmed in the dogma of white privilege that they offer themselves and their children up as sacrificial lambs. Like the hostages of Stockholm, Berkeley-ites defend their abusers, protecting them rather than guarding themselves.

And finally I explained that Obama was cut from the same radical cloth — that he surrounds himself with the type of militants who hold Berkeley captive. And, I warned her, should Obama be elected, the antisocial behavior that is tolerated in Berkeley will become the new normal all across the country.

Gail listened politely, though ultimately she voted for Obama. While she listened, she didn’t really understand. Of course, she didn’t — how would she?

This wasn’t her world. When you live in a safe, sheltered reality, you have no idea what it’s like for people in Berkeley or Oakland or Detroit. You can’t grasp what it’s like to hear story after story of horrendous crime; of what it’s like to attend a meeting at work one day and hear gunfire outside, as I did; or how it feels to walk to a restaurant on a cloudless blue-sky day and find yourself lying prostrate minutes later, with nose broken and two black eyes.

I didn’t blame Gail; it is human nature to reject what we cannot relate to. It is impossible to fully grasp what another person goes through unless you walk in his shoes. You can’t fully understand the horror of that moment when the doctor utters the word “cancer,” nor the enormity of being a woman enslaved by a burqua. And you cannot comprehend what it’s like to live in a place like Berkeley or, to take an even more extreme example, Zimbabwe, where gang violence is not just tolerated but it is heralded as part of a noble revolution.

You can’t understand this, that is, until it happens to you.

Well it appears it is happening to more and more people and the scales have been pulled from their eyes. Let me be clear, this is America and while in the cities where they have taken away your guns, this kind of crap might happen, in the suburbs We The People are armed and we will protect our property and our families. Which, by the way, is not a threat to any particular race, because I am not racist, that is a promise to all who would think they will take what belongs to me.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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