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The Proper Storage and Disposal of Useful Idiots

One of the advantages we have over the Left is that we discriminate not only between the idiots and their handlers, but even between their idiots.

They, on the other hand, are indiscriminate haters.


When the attempted take-back of the Wisconsin senate failed last night, UW-Milwaukee political science professor Mordecai Lee, a former Democratic lawmaker, said “The proletariat did not take over the streets.”

Mr Lee is one kind of useful idiot, an upper five-figure college professor suggesting that free-riders, including people just like him, all the way down to pre-kindergarten teachers, are “working class” proletariat while the mom and pop citizens who threw their party out of power in November, 2010, retired or earning half as much, are somehow the “oppressor class.” Even Karl Marx’s hypocrisy would not have crossed this line of puerile simple-mindedness.

I think Lenin had these sorts of people most in mind when he coined the term, “useful idiot”.




And we have indulged them too long.

They have too long thrived off the sweat of the real working people of this society, from this college level professor, all the way down to that pre-K teacher, Katharine Windels, who threatened to blow up Wisconsin Republican senators during the original stampede of the Wisconsin State House  back in February.

These useful idiots have long since outlived their shelf-life. Top to bottom, from K-thru-grad school, we need to remove…OK, I’ll use the Stalinist term, “purge” …our public schools of all socialist and Marxist romancing. If this means trimming the states’ university curricula down by half, all the better.  I’m told pro-democracy textbooks are only half the cost of anti-democracy editions. A big savings all around. Sunshine is far less expensive than dark, as it should be.

Our kids should learn in first grade to love their country, and by fourth grade to be able to name the names of heroes to put a face on that love of country. Only when they are in their third year of college should we let them split hairs as to whether George Washington was the father of his country in more ways than one.

History should be taught to be both factual and inspirational. And it must be interpreted from a moral perspective upholding the tenets of liberty.  All the rest; social justice, progressivism, marxism, socialism, need to be barred from tax-paid classrooms, except as the quaint meanderings of a type of alienism every free market society, per force, creates, right alongside embezzlement, theft by deceit, robbery and pick-pocketry.

God invented Vassar, Bryn Mawr and Harvard just so people who want to study these darker things more seriously should have to pay for the privilege. In a free society the lies should cost thousands of dollars to consume, while the truth should be free. Not the other way around.

Useful Idiots for the Moment

Useful-Idiots-for-Life require little handling. In fact, a few are even handlers themselves (we like to monitor a few for clues of what’s about to happen.) After all, they are there for life, or so they think. (This will change.) They cause few disruptions in the Leftist world.

But there will always be a need for the flash-in-the-pan flash mob, useful idiots of the moment. True cannon fodder, mostly kids, mostly college students, these can be relied upon to show up almost anywhere if free beer, a few doobies, a prospect of easy sex in a sleeping bag or twenty bucks is involved. Or, these days, a couple of cool Facebook images with distraught cops and cool-looking hooded pals beating to death a poor ’72 Datsun with a sledge hammer.

As I’ve written before, every good mob organizer knows how to turn a beer bash of a three hundred into a riot…with some objective in mind. It’s easy to turn idiots into criminals, for the useful idiot is most often the mindless idiot as well.

We’re witnessing this now in England, Greece, and other places the media would just as soon we not pay very much attention to. We already got a taste with the (largely unpunished) civil disobedience in Wisconsin in February-March. But London this week may be contagious, so it’s worth our time to pay attention now. We may be seeing this as soon as this weekend”s “convergence” in St Louis  (see LadyImpactOhio’s story).  If in any way linked to these other events, as some have been surmising for months now, it will be a late summer and very hot, and these useful-idiots-of the-moment will stand, center stage.

What drives these useful idiots is just one thing, hatred. Only a hatred most of you will have a hard time understanding, unless you were part of the movement in the 60’s. The only real pleasure they get is in hating, preferably with a few mates, and a bottle to pass around. I’ve save the psychological diagnosis for others.

I had a client, a millionaire from Highland Park, Illinois, and neighbor to Milton Friedman, who was one of the kindest, gentlest spirits you can imagine. A genuine flower child of the 60s…especially for the buds from the peyote flower… I only knew of one period in her life that she looked upon with genuine happiness.. This was the two years (c1967) she lived in her parents’ carriage house, putting away a bottle of Johnny Walker Red a day, with her mates, screeching about pig cops who put the blacks down, or pig capitalists like her father who were keeping the people poor, or the pig politicians who were protecting him.

With the right cue she could fall back on those days and her countenance would go from sunshine to shade so quick it would make your head swim. Still, this was when she was her happiest, when she was at her angriest.  A strange sight to behold, still these were her fondest memories…hating things.

I have no cure for these kids. You can’t change them, but neither can you ignore them if you happen to live in a place their handlers don’t want them to be ignored. After all, they work for almost free.

Many simply outgrow it. In the NFL “old” is 35. In useful idiot  mobs, much younger, since in this economy, most have to actually get a job, Yeccch! which can certainly get in the way of the professional alienist’s day.

Obama is trying desperately to find them jobs inside government, but I’m not sure they have gotten the screening process down yet, for you at least have to have  a degree. And even though my dog Spot could get a C in most freshman courses these days, still, a lot never seem to make it through the seine net.

In England this week, in part due to the unwillingness of police to get their hands dirty, many townspeople have taken to forming “vigilante” groups to protect their property from these rampaging mobs (insurance collection is iffy, restitution almost impossible, so you can see the necessity), only few actually own guns, making it almost a fair fight…which citizens should never have to fight against common thugs.

I’ve found, through experience which I won’t detail, that 8 1/2 bird shot in the buttocks or just below the knees can have a true deterrent effect against both the charging and retreating miscreant. Stings like the dickens, and, unable to go to the local emergency room for a proper cleaning up, messy as hell trying to pluck B-B’s out of your ass with tweezers, a hand-mirror and rubbing alcohol.

What to do about these idiots? I wish we could save them, for their handlers won’t lift a finger to do any such thing. They are as expendable as bad gas. Bill Clinton had a phrase he used in his youth, which I’ll repeat here, only not in the vernacular, “Screw ’em where you find them, leave them where they lay.” This will be their fate, I’m afraid.

But we can prevent them, even without a total shakedown of the schools.

A National song

Just teach them a few songs, fergodsakes, and sing it with them. Then when they are thirty, they can sing it in a public place alongside both their own children and their parents…with pride. In my youth America had such songs. But no longer. Often I sit in a restaurant with friends abroad, and someone starts a song, and all join in, from 10 to 70 years, I almost cry, for we have no such mortar in our bricks here. Japan, the Balkans, Russia, they all have their songs.

And Australia has “Waltzing Matilda” from John Williamson, (watch?v=Pu5byI6pZY0). Listen to this, to the end,  and you’ll see what I mean.


Kids who can stand and sing just one song with their parents will never be found in the streets throwing bricks through store windows, or screeching in their father’s garage downing bottles of Johnny Walker, cursing the world. It’s that simple.

And surely we can come up with something other than the Horst Wessell Song,  The Internationale, or In a Gadda Da Vida.


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I have to wonder if there are today a majority of Brits with the character and spirit of the Brits in this video clip from 2008. I pray the spiritual health has not been completely demolished.


They’re there and they’re…not embarrassed but angry, Pilgrim. (Lots of Brits over here in the industry I work in). Like conservatives in the US used to be, they tend to be less mouthy than the yobs but they do vote and work hard. Big problem for them, their country disarmed itself personal firearms a generation or two ago. The hoods and arsonists in the street did the math and feel free to act accordingly. Everyone knows this is the truth; everone is thinking this is a big factor in the riots; but absolutely no one is saying it or writing… Read more »


Thanks again VB. The professor needs a makeover, he looks too obviously like what he is (what you described), right down to that unfocused gaze look. It’s amazing to me that people like him actually *lived*_ through one term of Carter and then two terms of Reagan and can’t detect (or won’t admit)a speck of difference. They’re just hopeless.


Schools. They took Madelyn Murray O’Hair and ran with it. They said No prayer= No America, so they quit teaching America. Like any other ruling, it only said no one can force a kid to pray, but the communists had a field day with it. Now we have two generations of kids mad and schizoid because there are bible verses adorning the Supreme Court and they think they’re not supposed to be there. Just like Brown v. Board – People said it meant you had to make kids ride busses 2-3 hours a day, so kids slept through whatever meaningful… Read more »


From the Revolutionary War The Liberty Song Lesley Nelson-Burns Come, join hand in hand, brave Americans all, And rouse your bold hearts at fair Liberty’s call; No tyrannous acts shall suppress your just claim, Or stain with dishonor America’s name. Chorus In Freedom we’re born and in Freedom we’ll live. Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady; Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we’ll give. Our worthy forefathers, let’s give them a cheer, To climates unknown did courageously steer; Thro’ oceans to deserts for Freedom they came, And dying, bequeath’d us their freedom and fame. Chorus The tree… Read more »


They have a generation’s worth of head start getting fascist, socialist and communist messages out through all the most popular musicians. The most “rebellious” ones are the ones who parrot the statist establishment’s line the most closely.