Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Al Sharpton is No Barack Obama When It Comes To Teleprompter Reading

We all know by now that Barack Hussein Obama was once the greatest teleprompter reader of all time, hell, he got elected reading a teleprompter. Of course, as with all things Obama, it came with an expiration date – now he just appears to be watching a tennis match whenever he speaks. Al (the granddaddy of Community Organizing) Sharpton, has after “allowing” a merger that brought MSNBC to heel under Comcast had to be given a job at MSNBC as quid pro quo and unlike the other Community Organizer he has not mastered the reading of that which is right in front of your face, the almighty teleprompter.

‘Much,” “must,” heck Al, they all sound alike, right? By the way Al, the old days of community organizing and union power are over, Americans have had more then enough. The riots in England, prove that no matter how much free stuff you give people, they will always want more. They want more, because they have never had to earn the prior stuff, and they lack an inherent desire, a morality, to get up and to go earn it for themselves. The game is over.  We might even thank the Obama presidency for bringing  all of this to the attention to We the People.  America certainly got a wake-up call, just not the one Obama and his Leftists friends expected.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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