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Give That Man an “Atta’Boy!”

No, not this man.  This man, Mr. Paul Krugman, is still hanging on to dying dreams of the progressives where they control the narrative and all us “commoners” just believe what we’re told to believe.  I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Mr. Michael Barone is the person that I’m talking about.  Consider this rather insightful evaluation of the mindset and actions of average, everyday, ordinary American citizens in response to the current situation…

I think the larger mistake the Obama Democrats have made is that they suppose ordinary voters want government to channel more money in their direction.

They’re not the only ones to take this view. In the Bush years, thoughtful conservatives — David Frum, Ross Douthat and Reiham Salam — noted that most people’s real incomes had not been rising and wrote books calling for government policies to bolster their incomes.

But ordinary Americans don’t want money as much as they want honor. They want what the chance to achieve what American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks calls “earned success.”


“The progressive ideal of administrative cadres leading the masses toward the light has its roots in a time when many Americans had an eighth-grade education or less,” Mead writes. That is still the mindset of the Obama Democrats. Ordinary people are treated as victims who need government programs like Obamacare to help them out.

But Americans prefer to see themselves as doers rather than victims. They do not see themselves, as the masses in the Progressive Era a century ago may have done, as helpless victims of large corporations and financial interests.

They want public policies that enable them to earn success, and they resent policies that channel money to the politically well positioned or to those who have not made decisions and taken actions necessary for earned success. They want to be empowered, not patronized.

That’s why voters here and, as Greenberg notes, in other advanced countries are rejecting policies that give more power to the mandarins who run government and provide less leeway for ordinary people to work for earn success.

Mr. Barone is much closer to the truth than Mr. Krugman is, that’s for certain.  Even though we may not define it as such, the American people do see this as a crisis of character, namely our own, individually as human beings and collectively as American citizens.  There is an element of the human spirit that is displayed through an indomitable spirit of determination, courage, perseverance, and yes, even prudence and wisdom.  Given all that our nation and our people have experienced over time, this element of human spirit is very strong in the people of this nation.  It is part of the legacy that has been passed down to us from those who came before us, and it is a legacy that we want to pass down to those coming up behind us as well.

This element of the human spirit is what keeps us going day after day, even when the future looks bleaks and grim.  It’s what lets us believe in ourselves and in each other.  It’s also what allows us to continue to set goals, establish a course of action, and then put forth the time, energy, and effort that would allow us to succeed in those goals.  Whether those goals pertain to major commitments or minor commitments, it makes no difference to us.  It is the outcome that defines who we become as individuals.  It is who we become as individuals that define what we contribute to the society in which we live.  We each have our part to play in what lies ahead in this nation’s future, and we have no qualms in and of ourselves in taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for the part that we are to play.

For those on the left, the elitists and the so-called intellectuals, they want to define for us what part we are to play, categorizing us always as the victims who need government to solve our problems for us.  Yet they are unrealistic in doing so.  Life isn’t static.  Relationships aren’t static.  People aren’t static.  There is nothing within the human realm that stays the same forever.  No single human being or collective group of human beings can simply define for another human being who they are to become, what kind of life they are to live, and to what extent they will or will not succeed in things in life itself without imposing their limited version of human potential on those around them.

In the process of trying to impose their will on our own, they speak to us and treat us in a way that is demeaning, demoralizing, dehumanizing, and degrading.  They speak to us and treat us in a way that conveys we are incapable of accomplishing and achieving anything significant on our own.  They speak to and treat us in a manner that encourages us to feel sorry for ourselves and to wallow in self-pity rather than facing obstacles head on, taking responsibility for our own actions, and asking more of ourselves as individuals.  They constantly reiterate to us that they are only doing what is best for us, and in their own minds, this is exactly what they see themselves as doing.

Regardless of what they may convey, imply and insinuate to us about our limitations in addressing issues of any type ON OUR OWN, we aren’t buying it.  We do not believe that to be true about ourselves.  We believe that we are capable of more than they give us credit for.  We believe that hard work, determination, and perseverance can accomplish and achieve many things.  We believe we can succeed!!

People such as Mr. Krugman continue to hold on to that progressive dream of a socialist utopia.  So be it.  Just don’t expect us to buy into it when we can see with our own eyes that it doesn’t work.  Don’t expect us to encourage other people to buy into it either when we want to see them have a chance to succeed in living up to their own individual human potential.  And don’t expect us to remain silent when we see efforts being made to mislead or deceive other aspects of our society with this lie.

They can call us names like “hobbits” and “terrorists” all they like.  We’ve developed a thick skin, in case they haven’t noticed.  Pretty much so the response they’re going to get from us on the name-calling nonsense is that old school-yard rhyme about “sticks and stones….”.

Our country is in trouble now, and we the people know what the truth is on that point.  We have our part to play in the battle that lies ahead, and there is nothing that people like Mr. Krugman can say that will deter us from taking on our part to play in that battle.

It is the character of those living in the here and now that is being defined, as individuals and as Americans.  We’ll put our trust in that time-proven legacy ahead of failed political policies any day.

You’re right, lineholder, Barone over Krugman any day. (Lady Penguin – Ed.)


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  1. Whole lot of wisdom wrapped up in your words, and more are waking up to the truth each day. Funny thing about facts. No matter how much our enemies try to, they can no longer persuade us that up is down and that left is right.

  1. Whole lot of wisdom wrapped up in your words, and more are waking up to the truth each day. Funny thing about facts. No matter how much our enemies try to, they can no longer persuade us that up is down and that left is right.

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