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Union Threats Have Become So Passe`

They also have become so obviously Marxist/Communist/Statist in practice, and so commonplace anymore as to make the rest of the Country take notice. When Americans take notice of bullying, they react in a way to diminish those whose influence on our elected officials help to destroy our Country. I will give you K Street as an example of the Country focusing on a group with too much power and influence. You see under President Bush, K Street became the focus of anger for Americans to destroy and under Barack Hussein Obama it will be the unions. When the Republicans have the whole shebang again and they will in 2012, our focus will be to destroy the power of the unions, both Federally and State to State. When you have bullies who follow Communism and Marxism as a means to effect their change, you run headlong into the freedom fighters known as the TEA Party Patriots. So watch out unions, We The People of these United States of America are coming and we are going to strip you of your power This is Wisconsin, However, Unions Employ These Tactics Countrywide

Graeme Zeilinski was upset that a reporter noted in an interview with the Heritage Foundation think thank that Wisconsin had, according to U.S. Department of Labor data, created nearly half of all the new jobs created across the country in June.

In an email titled “What Happens Next,” Zeilinski warned that:

“What happens next is that I contact the publishers and editors of the papers that publish you as ‘unbiased,’ and let them know our deep concern about the obvious bias that permeates your entire operation,” Zielinski states in his email.

“Then, we let our activists know which papers publish you, and they write the publisher and editor. Then, we contact the Capitol press pool and let them know about our concerns about your credentialing. And we continue on until you actually admit to the truth of your operation.”

Of course, Democratic Party “activists” in Wisconsin consist primarily of public employee union members who earlier this year repeatedly jammed the state capitol with screaming protestors in an effort to intimidate legislators into not approving collective bargaining and compensation reforms sought by Gov. Scott Walker.

Zeilinski’s email could easily be read as a threat to organize union demonstrators against Wisconsin newspapers that publish reporting provided to them by’s staff. And his vow to go after’s capitol media credentials is an obvious effort to silence a news organization with which he disagrees.

So the Wisconsin unions don’t like the truth, that their new conservative Governor has created jobs in their State. Just the thought that facts get in the way of the lies perpetrated by unions and Democrats everyday is so very much Karl Marx and in such will be destroyed just as Marxism and Communism has in the past. Those dead ideologies have no place in a free America.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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