Tax Exemption For The Media Wing Of The Democrat Party?


Seriously, the same press that is a standard bearer for the Democrat Party? It is absolutely ignorant for anyone to suggest that these media liberals – who’ve helped destroy this Country by picking one political party over another – donate to, provide cover for, and go back and forth inside the Dem party to help Dems Get Elected. These same people who for decades under the banner of honesty, lied and sent this Country down a leftist path.  In 2008 they helped the United States go full bore on a man who had nothing in his background qualifying him to be our president, however, there was plenty to suggest he would run it like a Community Organizer.

Today, we find the Country Has Stepped Back In Time To 1917. And now this same Leftist media want government help because they are failing, and no one trusts them? Wouldn’t that just make them more beholden to the Federal Government to keep their tax-exempt status? Not that I personally think they could be more beholden under a Democrat President, but I think National Public Radio, and it’s sister Public Broadcasting Service, both of which assault the airwaves each day with Socialist/Marxist/Communist ideological banter, should be stripped of all U.S. government support.

No sir, the Media Wing Of The Democrat Party does not deserve a tax-exempt status, and it is certainly not too big to fail.  They should be allowed to go gently into the night, it will be the best damn thing that could happen to America! Republicans Who Vote To Save The Newspapers By Giving Them Tax Exemption Are Voting For The Demise Of Conservatism.

The proliferation of online news sources masks a deepening crisis in American journalism. Newspapers, which continue to be the linchpin of original news reporting, are facing unprecedented economic pressures largely due to the rise of new media that have forced nearly all major newspapers to lay off large numbers of journalists, reduce the scope of coverage, and sometimes cease operating entirely. The current economic crisis has only exacerbated existing forces already undermining the viability of the newspaper industry. The traditional support from commercial advertising and paper subscription base now seems antiquated, and the question looming before American journalism is what the next operating model will be. As such, a broad spectrum of publicly minded individuals and institutions has tried to find solutions for the ailing industry. One proposal that has gained traction has been to allow commercial newspapers to qualify for tax exemption. What has been lacking thus far is a comprehensive legal analysis of what a tax-exempt nonprofit newspaper can and should look like

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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August 6, 2011 7:40 am

Why, yes! Putting out a product that someone would want to buy, and advertise in, is so……antiquated! Like, you know, working for a living – soooo yesterday!

On the other hand, Big Oil, which puts out a product that almost every human being on Earth needs in some way or another, and provides or contributes to tens of millions of jobs worldwide, and which has cntributed to increasing the lifespan and well-being of the human race, well, they don’t need no stinking tax breaks!

Queen Hotchibobo
August 6, 2011 10:40 am

Those people have no shame.

They protect and defend the progressives and then ask the rest of us to bail them out of their failure. No shame.