Michele Bachman: Fire Geithner


Regardless of what you may think of Republican Michele Bachman, she doesn’t beat around the bush. After Standard & Poors announced the downgrade of U.S. credit she said:

“Tonight’s decision by S&P to downgrade our credit rating to AA+ is a historically significant and serious event for the United States. The United States has had a AAA credit rating since 1917. That rating has endured the great depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. This President has destroyed the credit rating of the United States through his failed economic policies and his inability to control government spending by raising the debt ceiling.

“We were warned by all of the credit agencies that a failure to deal with our debt would lead to a downgrade in our credit rating, but instead he submitted a budget that had a $1.5 trillion deficit and then requested a $2.4 trillion blank check. President Obama is destroying the foundations of the U.S. economy one beam at a time. I call on the President to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and to submit a plan with a list of cuts to balance the budget this year, turn our economy around and put Americans back to work.” –Zeke Miller for Business Insider

Geithner was supposed to be the man that could deal with the 2008 financial meltdown. Some said he was the only man. He had a lot of cheerleaders. Now, under the guidance of Tim Geithner, a pimp for Obama statism and crony capitalism, we have the first credit downgrade in the history of the United States.

Little Timmy Geithner . . . too small to succeed. This child of the world, and graduate of Dartmouth was a protege of Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin. How could anything go wrong? I predict Geithner ends up at Citi Bank, takes a $100 mil on the way out the door, just ahead of that sorry banks next implosion. He can’t run Turbotax but he has been trained to skim by the best.

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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?

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Lady Penguin
August 6, 2011 2:29 am

I can’t think of anyone in Obama’s administration, including his czar list, who hasn’t done everything possible to take down the Constitution, the American people, economy, traditions, etc.

Fire them all, but especially Obama in 2012.