Friday, September 17, 2021
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Latest Introduction to the Obama Bus Chassis: Unions

I can’t believe this one happened. If there is any group in America that I thought would never see the bottom of the bus, it is the unions. But, lo and behold, kuthunk. There they are.

Obama is throwing his big $35,000 per plate fundraiser/birthday bash and guess who is NOT invited? Workers of the world. Everything is going to be non-union and the unionists are torqued off about it. Well, why wouldn’t they be? He pretends like they are the greatest workers in the world, doling out our tax dollars to them and their union officials, but when it’s time to hire the workers: Up Jack got and off did trot, as fast as he could caper (to quote the old verse).

I’d feel a lot sorrier for them, except they helped put the Marxist in office, screwing all of us in the process. Enjoy your time under the bus, suckers.

And by the way, Nessa asked a Socialism question about Barry earlier. I don’t know that we ever arrived at a definitive answer on him, but I think we can nail down the status of the union members: Useful Idiots.

h/t Labor Union Report – THE source for union news on the tubes.

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