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Babies Born Alive, Killed in Toilets

Get ready to be sick. In Florida, a jury has found late-term abortionist James Scott Pendergraft IV liable for injuries sustained by a baby born during a failed abortion. The little girl, now ten years old, survived but sustained severe, permanent physical injuries including cerebral palsy, loss of function of left side of body, strokes/brain damage, physical, emotional & cognitive delays, lung damage and chronic lung disease, and seizure disorder.

is a convicted felon who pro-lifers will also remember was the owner of the clinic where Baby Rowan was aborted alive and allowed to die in 2005.

Before I give you all the details of the case though, I want to point out in case you missed it – they found him liable, not guilty. He’s not being prosecuted, he’s being sued.

The case is entirely typical of the kinds of liability suits brought against abortion mills except for one thing: This one went to trial so abortion opponents were able to get the details of the malefaction. These cases are generally settled out of court, with the records sealed, so the abortionist can continue to run their shoddy practice in the dark with the rest of the cockroaches. The abortion-loving lobby protects them from governmental regulation to such a large degree that the occasional lawsuit that goes to trial, as this one, is our only opportunity to see into the bowels of their evil.

In this case, the abortionist was arrogant enough to fight a case that a sensible person would have been desperate to hide. [Wait. What is wrong with that sentence? Sensible person? Sensible people don’t murder infants. Should I substitute normal person? No, same problem. I can’t think of any word that will work there. Rational homicidal maniac? No. I’m drawing a blank.]

Anyway, the facts are now out.

According to the complaint, on November 15, 2001, twenty-year old C.H. walked into Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center for what she thought would be an abortion of her 18-20 week pre-born baby.

Instead C.H. was told by untrained, unlicensed employees that she was 22.3 weeks along in her pregnancy. Because she nearly died from serious complications during the delivery of her previous child, which was delivered by Caesarian Section, C.H. submitted to the abortion out of fear.

Florida law requires that a licensed physician review abortion risks with patients prior to their abortions.


C.H. was never examined by a physician, not before her abortion nor at any time during her ordeal. She gave consent for her abortion to be done by one of Pendergraft’s hired abortionists, Randall Whitney, but Whitney never showed up. In fact, Pendergraft himself was in jail at the time on extortion charges, but records show that he set up protocols that led to the injuries inflicted on C.H and her baby.

At approximately 1:30 PM, on November 15, 2001, unlicensed workers administered Cytotec, a drug meant to treat ulcers that has the unfortunate side effect of causing uterine contractions, and RU 486, an abortion pill not approved for use after the seventh week of pregnancy. The off-label use of this deadly combination of drugs sent her into painful labor. Pendergraft’s unlicensed staff, following Pendergraft’s protocols, administered twelve doses of 200 mg of Cytotec over an eleven hour period, which vastly exceeded any recommended dosages.

“Juror” wrote on Stanek’s blog site that C.H. was in severe pain, but was denied pain medication and requests to speak with Whitney by Tanya Severence, a medical aide with only a high school education, who “ran the show.” He indicated that testimony showed that the excessive doses of Cytotec put C.H. at high risk for uterine rupture.

At about 1:00 AM on November 16, 2001, C.H. was excruciating pain. One trial observer told Operation Rescue that clinic workers told C.H. to walk off her labor in the parking lot, and if she didn’t like that, she could leave.

C.H did in fact leave the clinic and was later rushed to a local hospital where she delivered by Caesarean Section a viable baby girl with a sub-normal Apgar score of 3/3 and weight of 555 grams or 1 pound, 3 ½ ounces.


If C.H. had stayed at the clinic, and providing her uterus weakened by surgery did not rupture, she would have been expected to squat over a toilet and deliver her baby into the bowl.

Concerning these live births, “Juror” wrote:

One of the things that kept me up at night was hearing the routine practice was for the women to void the fetus’ into the toilet of the facility, often by themselves. The MA testified on occasion movement was seen, yet no vitals were checked or resuscitation was performed. All of these protocols were put into place long ago by Pendergraft. He preys on poor, scared women in their time of desperation. Howard was 20 when this occurred. Her feelings of guilt are palpable, yet she is also a victim…

Tanya [Severance] testified squirming was observed “a couple times” which to me translated to numerous times. All the clinic workers said most of the infants were evacuated into the toilet as well. Pendergraft even testified it was no big deal and that “Most countries squat to give birth”. Needless to say his testimony did him no favors in our eyes.

What should have been...

While the judgment is sufficiently large, at $36.7 million, to not only compensate the victim and provide for her care, but to also put Pendergraft out of business for good, it is unlikely to ever fulfill either need. It is likely that the child will never see a dime and that Pendergraft will continue to practice his butchery unabated.

Pendergraft operates several Limited Liability Corporations that could shield him from paying. “Juror” voiced these concerns on Stanek’s blog:

Pendergraft in fact has upwards of 8 LLC’s he funnels money through. The umbrella company for his 5 clinics, Wilson Management, he put 64% controlling interest in his girlfriend’s name and the other 36% is in his. He and his girlfriend refused to divulge the umbrella company’s finances as authorized by discovery rules, choosing to instead be charged with contempt. All of the jurors’ greatest hope is the plaintiff can recover the money awarded. Unfortunately, we all realize it most likely will be a long hard road fraught with appeals. But that is out of our hands.

Pendergraft is adept at skirting the full consequences of his actions. His medical license has been suspended four times and is currently suspended, yet he continues to operate and profit from five Florida abortion mills.

Operation Rescue has worked to expose Pendergraft and his misdeeds for years.

Thanks to for the story as well as for refusing to give up or turn a blind eye to the pervasive and heartrending evil that is the American abortion industry.

Meanwhile, where are the feminazi groups who are constantly clamoring for women’s rights and women’s health issues? As usual, they are not ignoring it, they are fighting actively on the side of the murderous thugs to allow them to continue their butchery unimpeded by basic health or safety rules. They are more likely to be found advocating for regulations for puppy mills than health protections for women preyed upon by the feral sadists who run abortion mills in America.

But does this mean either of these groups, either the abortionists themselves or their enablers, have escaped judgment? No, it most certainly does not.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 (KJV)

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