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Queen Murkowski Condemns The Hobbits

Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK) truly the Queen of the Political Class in DC, doesn’t quite like the hobbits we elected in 2010, why she likens them to absolutists. What she fails to comprehend though is that We The People of these United States of America are holding firm on the promises that were made to the citizenry by the TEA Party Congresspeople, something she would know absolutely nothing about, honesty, truthfulness and keeping your word. You see what Murkowski and McCain and the Wall Street Journal and finally the Weakly Standard don’t quite get is, the TEA Party backed Congresspeople were businessmen and women, doctors and lawyers and so forth and so on, they didn’t get handed a job by their daddy and they didn’t sit and get rich in the Senate because McCain’s constituents are lazy and they don’t buy into the Rockefeller Republican ideal of the WSJ (remember their pushing for Bush’s “comprehensive immigration) or the Weakly Standard (remember Fred Barnes pushing for the same Bush policy?).

You see those of Lisa Murkowski’s ilk are people who want to lord over you and I, they want a bigger government, they just don’t want Democrats deciding where to make it bigger, they want to be the arbiters of that decision. We the People of this big TEA Party Nation going on around the Country want to remove those tyrannical government employees and put forward those who recognize that smaller government is indeed liberty inducing. Lisa Murkowski Will Always Be The Perfect Example Of An Over-Reaching Politician

House Republicans backed by the Tea Party have vowed to support an increase in the $14.3 trillion debt limit only if it’s accompanied by spending cuts and doesn’t raise taxes. President Barack Obama and Democrats propose a mix of tax increases and spending reductions.

“You have folks who are so black-and-white, who are so absolutist, that we are in a process now where we are on the brink,” said Murkowski, 54, who was defeated by a Tea Party supporter last year in a Republican primary and then re-elected as a write-in candidate.

The senator said she backs the proposal advanced by the Gang of Six, “or some iteration of it.” The bipartisan group of senators called the Gang of Six has proposed to cut the budget deficit by $3.7 trillion using a combination of spending cuts and an overhaul of taxes that would raise $1 trillion. Obama endorsed the plan, while House Republicans balked at the tax increases.

People like Lisa Murkowski disgust me, she and her merry band of bi-partisan politicians, working together to destroy this great Country and yet Alaska is stuck with her and well we will put enough TEA Party Senators up on the Hill in 2012 so as to make her and McCain irrelevant. There will be backup for Senator’s DeMint, Lee, Sessions and Paul and then we will truly have a Congress that works for us.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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