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Obama Busting His Hump for You

Yes, just for you, the American people. For that shining city on the hill. President Obama is burning the midnight oil, busting his hump, tearing up the links … wait … no, that doesn’t work, does it? Anyway, he is hard at it tweaking and adjusting his budget proposal so we can get something through the Congress before the dreaded fake political debt deadline default.

What? The heck you say. He’s not even presented the first plan? Nothing?

via Daily Caller

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that President Obama’s debt ceiling plan is the best-known option at this point. There’s just one problem with that: No publicly available, detailed Obama plan exists.

What Carney was referring to is the negotiations Obama and House Speaker John Boehner were conducting behind closed doors. No written plan ever came out of those meetings, and the two political leaders never reached an agreement. Boehner went on to develop his own plan.

Obama has been able to avoid making political enemies inside the Democratic Party by keeping his plans and proposals limited to negotiations behind closed doors. Not informing the public about specific plans or proposals he supports or opposes can help him minimize political damage.

Carney appears to confirm that sentiment. As for why Obama hasn’t been specific with what he supports and opposes, Carney said it’s politically smarter to remain vague.

“If you lay out a proposal that’s politically — by yourself that’s extremely politically hard for your party, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, it’s like putting a clay pigeon in the air,” Carney said.

Well, then, if he’s too cowardly to even make a proposal, what exactly is he doing? Oh, it’s Partay Time for the Birthday Boy! Well goodness knows, we wouldn’t want a silly little thing like governance to interfere with that!

President Barack Obama is celebrating his 50th birthday in Chicago on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. The president’s birthday is technically on August 4, but the landmark bash is scheduled for the 3rd at the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown Chicacgo.

The event includes dinner with the president and a concert featuring Chicago native Jennifer Hudson, OK Go and Herbie Hancock. The doors open at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The birthday bash is also a fundraiser for Obama’s fund for his 2012 Presidential campaign. General admission seats are $200, but an upgraded VIP section is available for $1,000, on the Donate/Obama website.

The Only Adult in the Room™ is a fundamentally unserious President.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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