Can’t score a speech, Timmy G.


Even Chris Wallace knows that

But Geithner sticks to the Party Line anyway, even though it makes NO sense;

Read Doug Powers wrap-up of the Debt Talks Kabuki play. Doug asks;

Where’s Wallace’s “are you a flake” question when it’s really needed?

Geithner also said he opposes any short term deal that would make debt a main topic of discussion again before the 2012 election. What a, uh, surprise…

Shocked, I say, shocked

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Erick Brockway
Work seven days a week at two jobs, a newly RETIRED EO1 (E6) in the Navy Reserves (Seabees), blog when I can from cellphone and computer. @erickbrockway #catcot #tcot

Currently living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a wife (20+ years) son, and two daughters.

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July 25, 2011 9:36 am

Yeah, this Geithner, this was the guy that we had to have at Treasury, the only guy that could save us. Well, he’s been great for the mega-banks and Goldman Sachs. They are piling up while the great unwashed try to figure how to keep gas in their aging cars.

July 25, 2011 1:44 pm

Geithner came on the show as a Democrat politico and not Sec of Treasurer. He lied virtually every other sentence. Full speed ahead,

July 25, 2011 1:48 pm

Geithner seems to say that the “fortunate” highest earners need to sacrifice (hiring new people) in order to keep seniors alive. I’m 65, but personally, we’d like to see more wage-earners, and only rich men can hire them. (or govt). FYI, Social security by law is not “an entitlement” and arguably cannot be touched.

July 26, 2011 7:59 pm

timmah reminds me of that little boy on south park in the wheel chair that goes around yelling, ‘timmah!’ all the time…’timmah!’ is an idiot…so, actually, he’s not nearly as smart as the cartoon character timmy on south park…’never mind!’

July 26, 2011 8:49 pm

Promise me one thing Mr Obama. When the currency goes worthless due to yours and this madman’s actions, please let them fittingly change our paper currency to the size of those huge, heavy paper, post WW2 French franc notes that had to be folded three or four times to even fit back in the wallet. Due to French Fourth Republic policies of the time, they too were approaching worthlessness, but they sure were pretty to look at! We won’t have nuthin’ in our hands but we’ll feel like maybe we have somethin’.