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You Mr. NAACP, Did Not Diversify The Tea Party….

It was diversified from the minute it hit the ground running. How amusing to see NAACP head Ben Jealous speak of the 1% he can agree with the TEA Party on. If Mr. Jealous had not been so quick to tag the TEA Party as racist, if he were not so ideologically aligned to the left, he would have noted that many, many Conservative blogs had been calling for something to be done with the justice system and the corporatism that works to throw blacks, and a majority of Americans, in jail before anything else. This is a subject I have written on extensively at a former site, but I don’t even have to grab those old written dispatches, because the reality is, that in America in 2011, with all of the laws passed by the Federal Government, State Governments and Local Governments, almost any individual citizen could be breaking the law at any time. The Country has become a Police State and if it is not quickly reversed, this crackdown on CIVIL LIBERTIES will undermine the basic premise of freedom in our society. Do you think, Mr. Jealous, that all of these laws benefit any one America?  You fight for the left who is initiating and implementing the majority of these laws, and fight against the right who want the government out of the way – but then that is how you make your money, isn’t it?

NAACP Organization Is The Problem, Mired In The Past And Complacent To The Democrat Plantation

One place of agreement we have found with the Tea Party this year, in places like Texas, has been the urgent need to reform our nation’s criminal justice system. Even as we battle on 99% of the issues, we have found one place to work together.

Grover Norquist, and the California state prison guards’ union, the CCPOA, joined us and the U.S. students’ association and the ACLU. Newt Gingrich sent a statement to say it is time that this state and this country get back to investing in education, and away from investing so much in incarceration.

In the brief question-and-answer session that followed, a local reporter asked Jealous to respond to plans by a Tea Party group in predominantly black South Central Los Angeles to protest against the NAACP on Sunday.

He brushed aside the question with a dose of humor–and a hint that the NAACP’s attitude had changed: “You know, at a certain level, I think we take a bit of pride in helping to diversify the Tea Party.”

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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