Bloomberg donates $50 million to Sierra Club to *dump coal*


Sometimes you just get lucky finding a story and I hope this one doesn’t get lost with all the other news today because it’s so shocking to me and should be shocking to everyone else as well.

I just happened to see a tweet fly by late last night from @MikeBloomberg. Ya know, the guy who runs New York City. On his twitter profile he calls himself an entrepreneuer and a “philanthropist” as well as mayor of NYC.

Well this “philanthropist” announced last night he personally donated $50 million to the Sierra Club to “dump coal.” Not only does he and the Sierra Club want new coal-fired plants stopped, they want all the current ones in service to be stopped. Here’s what Bloomberg had to say:

“If we are going to get serious about reducing our carbon footprint in the United States, we have to get serious about coal. Ending coal power production is the right thing to do, [emphasis mine] because while it may seem to be an inexpensive energy source, the impact on our environment and the impact on public health is significant. Coal is a self-inflicted public health risk, polluting the air we breathe, adding mercury to our water, and the leading cause of climate disruption.”

The Sierra Club has their own blog now and twitter account called @BeyondCoal where they brag about stopping over 150 new coal plants and want to move to solar and wind:

Our small, start-up campaign quickly grew into a force to be reckoned with. And I’m proud to say that, so far, together we have stopped over 150 proposed coal-fired power plants. [snip]

Now we’re turning our efforts to making sure that the existing fleet of outdated coal plants gets cleaned up or phased out — and is replaced by solar and wind energy that’s ready to fill our energy needs, create new jobs, and jump-start the green economy.

Below is their logo for the *dump coal* campaign:

Beyond coal

So not only do we have the EPA to fear, but now apparently the Sierra Club and Bloomberg’s wealth as well.

Bloomberg was yapping on twitter about “making sure family and friends are OK in all this heat” while at the same time bragging about his donation. To which I responded to him something like this:

Yep Mayor, out of one side of your mouth you want to *dump coal* but you guys in NYC are gas hogs, and by the way, where do you think all that electricity comes from that powers the A/C in this heat? Not wind and solar. And don’t forget: a lot of those precious windmills froze up in Texas last winter.

Heritage as well as this writer realizes Bloomberg’s *gift* actually “harms” the environment, not “helps it”:

1) The Sierra Club is likely to be more effective in attacking the U.S. coal industry;

2) U.S. coal production will therefore not reach the level it might have without the gift;

3) U.S. coal exports are then unlikely to reach the level they might have;

4) Top importers, such as China and India, will have to mine more of their own coal or import more from non-American sources;

5) Top exporters, such as Indonesia and Russia, are likely to export more.

Way to go Bloomberg. Guess you don’t have anything better to do with your money than try to put more people out of work and harm U.S. energy independence just like the Obama administration has been doing.

I have a sneaking suspicion ACORN-founded Working Families Party has a lot of involvement in this. They are the “party” who convinced ex-governor Paterson to ban horizontal natural gas fracking in New York, a policy which Cuomo has continued.

Here’s a radio interview done on NPR with Bloomberg’s philanthropy director Rohit Aggarwala and an excerpt:

Mr. AGGARWALA: He’s frustrated with the fact that Washington has not acted in any comprehensive or responsible way, and he’s seen here in New York how local targeted action can actually make improvements.

I just about spit out my coffee when I read the above.

With $50 million now in the pocket of the Sierra Club our fight to use our huge supply of fossil fuels has become more difficult, but not unwinnable. But I have supplied you with their twit names…

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July 22, 2011 1:46 pm

But coal saves us from global warming…

Brian Hibbert
July 22, 2011 2:26 pm

If this guy REALLY wanted to stop the use of coal, he should have put the $50M into some other type of power plant (maybe natural gas fired) or into research instead of throwing it down a progressive drain.

What a waste.

July 22, 2011 4:50 pm

All the Bloomberg dollars, and the Theresa Heinz dollars, etc. just go to pay people and to issue statements and position papers and to bundle money to candidates. If the IRS and the FEC were doing their job, and Justice, Bloomberg would be behind bars. And if the Attorneys General of those states where Bloomberg has sent people in to do undercover gun control work had a clue, they would be seeking his extradfition to stand trial for probably numerous attempts to subvert justice in those states.

Queen Hotchibobo
July 22, 2011 11:20 pm

When I think of the heartwrenching poverty and need in Haiti and see this sanctimonious [redacted] giving $50 million to a group who is working diligently to destroy our economy, I want to throw something (or someone).

There are people who are suffering and dying who could be saved with a small fraction of that money, and he flushes it down a liberal rat hole. Way to go, loser.