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Obama Lied, The Best Healthcare In The World Died

To say that Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid and finally Nancy (we have to pass the bill to see whats in it) Pelosi, destroyed American Healthcare is to pretend that it was not their intent. They wanted Federal Government control over your life, the bigger the government the quicker the path to Socialism. If you deny that these three and their “progressive” minions have not had their eye on the prize in socializing America, you are too ideologically blind, and/or a Socialist as well, to be honest with yourself. What Is A Lie Amongst Thieves?

But there’s more to this story. As I wrote in my own eBook, “First, Do No Harm,” (HarperCollins, 2011), Barack and I share not only family ties, but also the scars of losing an influential parent far too young. Lessons learned from those tragic events now influence our national health care debate but, sadly, it’s clear that the president’s predetermined agenda disregarded the facts on the ground. What’s more, even the newly uncovered deception misses the bigger point of Stanley Ann’s health care, which I described:

“Thus he wrote in ‘Dreams from My Father’ that he lamented seeing his mother ‘suffering because of a broken [American] health care system.’ But he ignores the fact that in her hour of need, Stanley Ann, an intelligent, highly educated woman then living in Indonesia, chose America’s health care system above all others. And it wasn’t the system that failed her. In fact, she was quite fortunate to receive the best of care at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (and later the Straub Clinic in Hawaii).”

Are we to believe that Stanley Ann’s medical co-payments were beyond the means of her loving son, who by this time was a Harvard Law School graduate flush with a six-digit signing bonus for his first book? Moreover, are we as Americans to tear down the finest health care system in the world based on – let’s be honest enough to call them what they are – lies?

The president’s mother wasn’t the only poor soul who was reduced to an emotional blackmail pawn used in the dismantling of America’s health care system. Journalist Michelle Malkin brilliantly cataloged similar phony sympathetic stories peddled by Mr. Obama and his Obamacare proponents, including Otto Raddatz, Robin Beaton, John Brodniak, Natoma Canfield and Tiffany Owens (whose young son, Marcelas, stood beside Mr. Obama at his health care signing ceremony). Each of these poor soul’s heartbreaking stories of a failed system were just that – stories – fabricated by Team Obama and his co-conspirators in their zeal to nationalize our health care system at any cost.

Lies, damn lies, and damnable lies, the Democrats have nothing else in their quiver but to lie. If you knew who, and what they really were, you would never put them in office.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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