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Republican House members now using Skype for blogger outreach

Who says the Dems have it “all out” on social media networking over the Republicans? Not this writer.

I had the privilege this day of being part of “Blogger’s Row” with the House Republican Conference (HRC) chaired by Rep. Jeb Hensarling.
Hensarling and his staff introduced a new meme for outreach using Skype. Namely a one-to-one Skype call with members of the HRC and bloggers, which was a huge success. This meme is a great way for Congressmen to outreach with bloggers and others using the video-conferencing system. I felt as if I was sitting right opposite them in the same room.

I had the honor of asking pertinent questions to Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL #17) Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS #1) and Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS #3). Of course we touched on issues mostly pertaining to the Debt Debate but that was not all that was discussed.

Rep. Bobby Schilling


Rep. Schilling serves on the Armed Services Committee as well as several others. Rep. Schilling reported to me that even though President Obama received more cuts from the budget on the military than he asked for, he still wants over $880 billion more, an amount Rep. Schilling believes would pose an imminent danger to not only our service personnel but our national security. Because much of our military equipment is aged and not up to the usual U.S. military standards this is budget cut he cannot countenance.

Rep. Schilling is a proponent of a “balanced budget amendment” to the U.S. Constitution which he admits would take several years to implement. Although the budget talks are ongoing he reports that both the House and Senate have been put on notice to set aside not only Saturday but Sunday in an attempt to reach an agreement. He discounted the rumors that President Obama plans to raise the debt ceiling by fiat if things don’t go the way he has hoped.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp


Rep. Huelskamp is a former state senator from Kansas. When asked about the transition from state to federal office, he said “it’s really been interesting.” He noted that everyone baby born in Kansas, and of course everywhere else, is automatically saddled with a debt of over $45,000 because of the monumental debt our country is facing: over $14 TRILLION dollars. As he has noted, it’s been over 800 days since a budget was passed in this country.

He calls the “Cut, Cap and Balance” measure which was passed by the House yesterday the “only serious plan on the table that tackles both federal spending and structural reforms.” He is also in favor of a balanced budget amendment. Rep. Huelskamp relates before Congress yesterday why “Cut, Cap and Balance” needs to be implemented:

There cannot be a more urgent time, for this House, and the Senate, and the United States of America to pass a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget. [sic] And annual deficits have exceeded a trillion dollars for 3 straight years. And our debt has grown $4 trillion dollars since President Obama has taken office.

Rep. Gregg Harper

Rep. Gregg Harper

Rep. Gregg Harper proudly represents Mississippi #3. Because my interview with the two previous Congressmen touched on budget issues we discussed others: the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico in relation to the oil and gas industry and his pet project: the closing of the Election Assistance Commission.

Rep. Harper informed me the BP DeepWater Horizon catastrophe claimed 4 lives from Mississippi: 3 from his own district. He remains frustrated with the Obama administration and the EPA for not allowing the timely issuance of new drilling permits in the Gulf. Rep. Harper told me in spite of the deaths from the BP disaster even the families of those victims are still in favor of drilling in the GOM.

Rep. Harper has introduced H.R. 672: the dismantling of the Election Assistance Commission which would save taxpayers $14 million:

The EAC has “clearly served its purpose and is no longer essential to the administration of our elections,” the Mississippi Republican, chairman of the Subcommittee on Elections, said in a statement. “This is why I have introduced legislation to eliminate the Commission and transfer its remaining responsibilities and its authority to more appropriate and competent entities.”

These three gentlemen are among the finest in Congress. Please support them and the House Republican Conference.

Their mantra is never give up. Keep the faith and call your Congressmen no matter how you believe they will vote. Give them encouragement and thank them for voting in the best interest of the United States and her legacy. Which is incomparable to any other nation on earth.

You can follow the House Republican Conference on twitter.

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