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Negotiating by Legislating

It seems to be occurring to some small degree, the US House is coalescing around the Cut, Cap and Balance idea.

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If carried through with firmness this might one day be regarded as THE turning point in the United States.

If not, it will be one in a list of many missed opportunities that could have averted national bankruptcy.

I must admit I am skeptical Boehner will have the courage to actually force the issue.

But we must dispense with the idea that he CAN’T force this issue. The Republicans HAVE the ability to force the Amendment through the US Senate. Reid’s hand can be forced on this.

It is the Democrats and their bloated programs that will suffer most if the debt ceiling is not raised.

It is an easy sell come November 2012 if Obama plays with Social Security payments. Second grade math shows the money is there in sufficient quantity to cover debt service, Social Security and military pay with plenty left over.

Cut, Cap and Balance should be passed by the US House without further negotiation.

It should BE the negotiation.

Boehner should also pass a bill to codify spending priorities in the event the ceiling is not raised. This could be attached to a $500 Billion boost in the ceiling in order to give the left a bare minimum reason to pass it. Doing so would pull the last leg out from under Democrats trying to demagogue the issue. Republicans would have a bill PASSED in the US House and introduced by Rand or others in the Senate that guaranteed debt service, Social Security and military pay.

Establishment Republicans have no concept of getting up and walking away. This is because they have no true principles. EVERYTHING can be bartered away. The enemy knows this and will not leave the table until everything HAS BEEN bartered away. And why should they?

Every deal must have a take it or leave it point. The lack of this historically is why Republicans (conservatives at least) always get screwed.

The Donald, (bad for President good for business sense), recently noted what crappy WEAK negotiators the Republicans ARE and HAVE been. They lack courage. They are weak and the predator senses this weakness and prepares for the kill.

It is time for Boehner to shore up his shaky knees and do something IMPORTANT for the nation.

Get up from the table, pass the appropriate legislation and stand pat.

Do this and the House will be on a rock, ready to weather the storm of 2012.



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